Monday, January 27 2020
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A good Montorfano must bow to Mantua.

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networks: Ferrari (Ma) at 11 ', Tinelli (Ma) at 27' and Spinoni (Mo) at 40 'pt; S. Savazzi (Ma) at 28 'st

Montorfano: FAVA, RECENT, GANDOSSI, VALTULINI, PIETTA (from 34 'st DRERA), SERLINI, MAFFEZZONI, NEGRETTI (from 2' st POLONINI), SPINONI, VERZELLETTI, LUSOLI. Giovanni Corioni All. Available: E. Mometti, Mingardi.

Mantova: MAFFEZZOLI, BINERI, C. SAVAZZI, PICCOLI, VOLLERO (from 32 'pt SAVIOLI), SCARCELLI, BONI, ZANINI, S. SAVAZZI (from 40' st RUSTICI), TINELLI, FERRARI (from 14 'st CALAMIA). Beatrice Marchi. Available: Magro, Morali, Franchini, Kirama and Sce.

Referee: Mr. Nicola Belotti of Chiari.

Note: Hot day and clear sky. Artificial grass field. Present around 50 viewers. Recovery: 1 '+ 2'.

The Mantua conquers the entire post on the Campo Maggiore in Rovato, surpassing a generous Montorfano, which appeared to be growing in terms of continuity for all the 90 minutes, but which must be surrendered to a more experienced and good team to exploit the naivety of opponents.

The hosts start well and it is in fact Lusoli that has a very good opportunity at the 3 ', but its conclusion from an inviting position ends over the crossbar. A little later, on the opposite side, S. Savazzi finds himself free in the area, but Fava intervenes with timing and uproots the ball from his feet. However, the guest advantage is only postponed. In fact, at the 11 'Ferrari receives face to face with the no. Local 1 that strikes with a precise slash. The landlords have a moment of confusion and almost the guests do not take advantage of it in the quarter of an hour, when the usual S. Savazzi still appears in the parts of Fava, but the pocket porter of the Franciacorta still resolves great. At the 27 'nothing, however, can the extreme local defender on the umpteenth opposing verticalization that allows Tinelli to present himself alone in the area and put the doubling ball into the net. Ten minutes later the guests are very close to the set, but this time Tinelli takes the pole to the left of Fava. The landlords have the merit of not giving up and trying to get back into the game, which happens on the 40 'when, on Maffezzoni's vertical assist, Spinoni is ready and with a soft touch he anticipates Maffezzoli's exit.

Upon returning to the field after the interval, the landlords appear more determined and the race thrives on long moments of balance. Despite the entry of Polonini that gives more geometry to the home team, the girls of Mr. Corioni are not able to find the gap for the equalizer net. At 16 'it is instead Fava who has to stretch with skill on the shot from the edge of S. Savazzi. The Franciacorta leaning forward are instead stuck on the 28 'counterattack by the same n. 9 guest, on whose starting position there is more than one doubt. Yet another ball in depth, Savazzi appears in front of Fava who manages to repel the opponent's first shot, but nothing can on his riveted net. At the triple whistle the landlords must again greet their audience with a bitter taste, but this time with the knowledge that they have done their duty, even if for Mr. Corioni and his staff the work to do to oil all the gears is still so much.

Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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