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Foolish Montorfano, the Colnaghese comeback and wins.

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Verzelletti Colnaghese Montorfano 2COLNAGHESE-MONTORFANO-3-2

networks: Verzelletti (M) to 32 'and 33' pt; Pricci (C) at 2 'and 24' and Fumagalli (C) at 27 'st

Colnaghese: VITALI, ARCAINI, GATTI, VIGEVANI, COLOMBO, AGAZZI, MANTEGAZZA, PRICCI, FUMAGALLI, NAVA, FAYAD. Attachment Luca Saini. Available: Baracchetti, Panighetti, Maffezzoli, Vattiato, Tremeloni.

Montorfano: FAVA, RECENTI, MINGARDI (from 5 'st MOMETTI), VALTULINI, PIETTA, SERLINI (from 29' st POLONINI), NEGRETTI, VERZELLETTI (from 44 'st CIPPINI), LUSOLI (from 38' st SCALVINI), MAFFEZZONI, SBARDELLATI ( from the 23 'st BELOTTI). Giovanni Corioni All. Available: Abeni.

Referee: Marco Ferrari of Treviglio.

Note: Rainy day, field in good condition. Present around 50 viewers. Recovery: 1 '+ 4'.

Mr. Corioni's girls throw a golden opportunity to get rid of the ballast and finally abandon zero points. Maffezzoni and companions play a very good first half, in which they go more than deservedly in double advantage and touch the third mark several times, but in the second half they spoil everything leaving the initiative to the local that can thus start the most classic comebacks.

The biancazzurre start well attacking the opponents already in the first meters, thus creating different opportunities. In two of these bumpers laps the advantage face to face with Vitali, first shuffling to the side and immediately afterwards kicking centrally from very good position. The goal, however, is in the air and arrives at the 32 'on the development of a corner kick, on which Colombo messes up as a bell tower, Vitali combines it big while fiddling on the crossbar and the ball becomes so easy prey for Verzelletti that he reiterates on the net . The n. 8 guest is the protagonist one minute after also the Brescia doubling, in fact it is his conclusion that the extreme local defender does not hold back, with the ball that sadly rolls in the net behind him. The double advantage lasts until the end of the first fraction, despite Fave having to intervene with a decisive exit on Nava launched on the net at 37 ', while at the end of the time Pricci is wasting shooting at stars from the pocket of the guests.

In the second half, however, the music changes completely. The landlords take the field with a very different foothold than the first fraction and play at spur beaten, so that after only two rounds of hands the game reopens: the local take advantage of a free kick from the right top of the opposing area , the ball spiove on the second post where Liberian Pricci flies into the net, with Fava not exiled from fault in the circumstance. The goal awakens the girls of Mr. Saini who attack without stopping. At 9 'Fayad has a gluttonous chance a meter away from Fava, but incredibly the local striker kicks over the crossbar. The franciacortine attempt a reaction with Verzelletti who twice shows up in front of the opposing goalkeeper, but on the first occasion he kicks them and two minutes later his lob is totally off target. At 22 'the n. 8 biancazzurra tries from the right, but Vitali stretches out to dive and rejects. Unfortunately the wrong opportunities cost very much to the ruin and the landlords reach the break-even in the face of an immediate reversal. The premises quickly become vertical, Pricci appears in front of Fava and exceeds it with a precise right outside. The remuntada materializes only three minutes later when Fumagalli, in action photocopy of the previous one, this time of flat, puts the innocent n. 1 opponent and so completes the work. Mr. Corioni plays all the cards at his disposal by first inserting Belotti and then Polonini, Scalvini and Cippini in order to give more thrust forward, but his moves do not have the desired effect and the landlords can thus control without too many problems the result until the triple whistle of Mr. Ferrari of Treviglio.

Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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