Monday, January 27 2020
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At the Major Camp the ACD Almé decreases poker

Rating: 3 / 5

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networks: Anesa on penalty at 37 'pt; Lobello at the 10 'and Anesa at the 17' and at the 20 'st

Montorfano: FAVA, RECENT, PIETTA, VALTULINI, MINGARDI, NEGRETTI, VERZELLETTI, MAFFEZZONI (from 20 'pt SCALVINI, from 28' st CIPPINI), LUSOLI (from 15 'st BELOTTI), SERLINI, POLONINI (from 33' st DRERA). Giovanni Corioni All. Available: Abeni.

ACD Almè: BUGADA, SALVINI, UBIALI (from 18 'st ZUCCHETTI), BENAGLIA, ARZUFFI, SALVETTI, LOCATELLI (from 22' st BUSI TURRANI), LOBELLO, ANESA, GHERARDI, CIANCITTO (from 38 'st BRIGNOLI). Giovanni Losa All. Available: Noris, Mandelli and Cozzolini.

Referee: Mrs. Katiusha Pilloni from Chiari.

Note: Sunny day, artificial grass field. Present around 50 viewers. Recovery: 0 '+ 3'.

The Montorfano also falls within the friendly walls by the ACD Almè. Balanced race for long stretches in the first fraction, but as in that of Sant'Eufemia, the Franciacorta frigginally complicate life on their own and grant the opponents the penalty that unlocks the race and puts it downhill for the Bergamo area.

Mister Corioni has to deal with the absence of disqualified Gandossi captain and Spinoni, and after a quarter of an hour another tile falls on his head, when painful Maffezzoni also has to leave the field. Without his control room for the Franciacorta, everything becomes more difficult, but nevertheless the premises keep the field well and are shown several times in the opposing half of the field. The best chance happens at 28 'on the feet of Lusoli, whose right foot is blocked by Bugada. Fava on the other side is called to the 33 'to defuse the percussion of Ubiali, while Arzuffi enjoys too much freedom on the left, but never takes advantage of it. At 37 'the turning point: Valtulini swoops in full area, the ball caromed on the arm and Signora Pilloni di Chiari cannot avoid pointing to the disk. From the eleven meters goes Anesa, Fava senses, but the ball ends in the lower corner to the right of the local goalkeeper.

The net underwent a cold shower that the Franciacorta girls could not shake off. In the second half the first twenty minutes are a monologue of the guests who too easily spread and close the contest. At the 10 'Lobello receives in a dubious position in the area, Fava tries to go out to the kamikaze, but the right of the n. 8 in yellow jersey is precise and ends up behind. At the 17 'photocopy is Anesa to be served in the local sixteen meters, the Bergamo striker dribbles the innocent n. 1 from Brescia and deposits on the net. And it is always her to make the poker with a slash from the edge only three minutes later, thus bringing the curtain down on the challenge. Mister Corioni tries to spur his own and if nothing else the entrances of Belotti and Cippini seem to have the desired effect, with the local attack gaining more verve. It is always Fava, however, that the two goalkeepers have to do overtime, hypnotizing Lobello twice, thrown very easily into the net. Heavy final result for the clubs that have to postpone again the conquest of the first points in this championship.

Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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