Tuesday, 18 February 2020
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News Voluntas: we want to be protagonists!

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Thursday 20 July, in the beautiful setting of the sports facilities of Osio Sotto, the President De Vita, has presented to the city, the women's team of Voluntas Osio, who will participate in the X Series CX series 2017 / 2018.
The team, born as a female club in the 1 ° July last year from the merger of "Presezzo Women's soccer" and the company of Osio, until then only present in men's football, was strongly desired by the president in first person, and from all his management staff.

De Vita and the management Voluntas, have worked in these months side by side with Passoni Graziella and the coach, confirmed after the last season, Consonni Gianmario, to present an absolutely leading team, with a mix of experience in the category, class and young promises. Mister Consonni and his staff, composed of his Vice and athletic trainer Omar Rosa, the accompanying managers Giuseppe Crotti and Marzia Gaspani and the ds Passoni, firmly supported by President De Vita, will try to win this championship.
At the starting bands, a team, extremely reinforced is ready for a championship as a true protagonist.

The first "purchases" are two confirmations, Captain Francesca Pellegrini and Vice-Captain Simona Pirola; Central defensive and extreme defender of the team, despite the offers received, marry the company and the group and are ready to drag it even this season. In addition to them, the Voluntas backbone package, which has always proved to be of the highest level, is confirmed by Lucia Verrillo, Elisa Lazzaroni and Maria Comi, protagonists in the last season of a high-ranking championship ready to repeat this year.

The news in the Gialloblu defense are represented by Anna Lacchini, Iris Paganessi and Francesca Chiesa; Lacchini, 92 class, left-handed and classy, ​​from the Riozzese (series B), boasts a series A experience with the Orobica; Orobica from which Paganessi comes, very young 2000, which after spring is ready for the experience of the first team and has a great desire to learn and do well. It comes from the Doverese Chiesa, the 92 class defender with experience in national championships and wants to get involved. The midfield starts from the confirmation of the three musketeers: Chiara Barachetti, Ilaria Tasca and Laura Perniciaro: good feet at the service of the team; Together with them, to complete the department, the grafts of Virginia Sangalli and Chiara Bonacina. Sangalli, 93 class, grit and physical, a true Gattuso of the half field. Bonacina, 96 class, last season at the Orobica in Serie B, instead brings the imagination and the verticality that our offensive department needed. In fact, there are many innovations in the attack and many confirmations. It starts from Virginia Riva, bomber of last season with 17 networks, Church Marilisa, Elena Cattaneo and Jane Da Silva; In addition to them, finally recovered after the flashes of last season, Pamela Capelli, 86 class, back of the strength and grit who knows the championship well and who has always made the difference in the category, returns to the coach.

To complete a department of great quality here are the grafts of Veronica Volonterio, Giorgia Cosma and Giulia Gatti; Volonterio, 96 class, comes from the Nerazzurre, a mix of body and feet, the classic complete multipurpose player; Cosma, 96 class, from the spring of the Orobica, arrives after a season from 22 goal that bodes well for the jump in the category; Gatti, 94 class, from Riozzese in Serie B, class and coolness from true bomber, from raptor of air, is ready to drag the team to the goal by the goal. The cards in rules to play it on a par, without fear, with any opponent we will meet on our way, there are all. The team will meet in the starting blocks for the 21 August to better prepare a great championship, the first Voluntas Championship.

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