Coppa Italia Regionale, semi-final second leg: Parma - San Miniato 1-0 victory is not enough for the final

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Noceto, 17 June 2019 - Ends one step away from the Final of the Regional Italian Cup, and with two goals from the Triplete, the splendid season of the Parma Female - winner of the Championship of Excellence and of the Emilia Romagna Cup -; in fact, even winning the semi-final return for 1-0, he must leave San Miniato the pass for Florence, due to the 0-3 of the first leg of seven days in Siena.

The task of Mr. Andrea Bazzini's team was a sort of mission impossible, but the Crusades immediately crushed the Tuscan women in their own half, having to make up for such a heavy liability: they start strong, yes, but a little imprecision and above all the excellent defense of the San Miniato for a long time prevent you from scoring. The first action is at the 13 'when Rossella Punzi goes to head on a Santirocco cross, but the ball flies over the crossbar. At 17 ′ Gangi tries on punishment, without worrying Marika Bonomo. At the 20 ′ Lucia Frati's well-placed kick: Punzi's header is perfect, but the ball goes out a little. At the 22 ′ action by Debora Fragni on the left that falls on the right, but her shot is lost on the bottom. The same Fragni tries again ten minutes later, but does not hit the door. At the 42 ′, on the other hand, an important Gialloblù occasion: Fragni himself verticalizes for Rita Marseglia who frees herself at the speed of her marker, but at the moment of the shot an opponent manages to put in a corner kick.

In the second half Parma continues to look for the goal of the goal, but without success. At the 3 ′ st Santirocco-Marseglia exchange, the ball arrives at Terzoni who pulls badly and wastes an important chance. At the 6 'st Marta Baccanti puts an inviting ball into the area, Rossella Punzi tames it, manages to turn around, but her shot hits the top of the crossbar. At the 8 'beautiful exchange Marseglia-Santirocco with the latter's cross towards Rossella Punzi which is anticipated by the defense. At the 10 ′ st you see the San Miniato with Bruci running away to Alice Lombardi, enters the area and touches for Toppi who pulls at the near post, but it is providential Alessandra Pollini who puts in a corner. Mr. Bazzini continues to propose different game systems, changing positions for the performers, but the vital search for the goal exposes Parma to the Sienese counter-attack: at the 15 ′ st Lucia Frati, with experience, steals the ball from Toppi launched on goal. At the 18 ′ st corner of Toppi: Solazzo imperious detachment, but the ball goes out. At the 22 ′ st by Toppi corner the ball carom on Bruci and seems to enter, but Debora Fragni, in acrobatics, the svelle. At the 28 ′ st Lucia Frati takes a good free kick, however, at the far post, Linzalata does not reach us and the ball slips on the bottom. At the 33 'st Giulia Galvani leaves two opponents in place, but her left-handed is not accurate. The longed-for goal arrives at the 40 ′ st with Santirocco who, from the left, lets a precise low shot start that goes to the left of the goalkeeper. Parma believes it and pours into the attack, but the girls are very tired and offer themselves even more to the Tuscan restarts: at the 42 ′ st Marika Bonomo, outgoing on Carniani, saves the door. At 43 ′ st Galvani with a serpentine makes half defense out, but then instead of pulling it he puts it in the middle and the opposing defense can free. In full recovery the good ball arrives to Giorgia Terzoni who first raises over the crossbar. The triple whistle decreed that the women of Tuscany should enter the Final of the Regional Italian Cup.

The Crusades come with the regret of not having reached it, but still among the applauses convinced for the excellent season and the victories in the Coppa Emilia and the Championship. The experience in the Regional Italian Cup increases however the baggage of players and staff, who were able to taste the concrete differences that they will find in the next Serie C, no longer just a regional competition like the Excellence won this year, and therefore with referees and superior quality opponents to compete with.

PARMA-SAN MINIATO 1-0 (Italian Regional Cup, Semifinal, First leg) / IL TABELLINO
Markers: 40 'st Santirocco

PARMA - Bonomo; Berni (31 ′ Terzoni), Fragni; Bacchae, Friars, Pollini; Santirocco, Fontanesi (27 ′ st Linzalata), Punzi (Cap.), Lombardi, Marseglia (11 ′ st Galvani). Caselli All
Available: 12. Turzillo; 13. Saccani, 15. Minari, 18. Fountain

SAN MINIATO - Nardi; Tamburini, Toppi; Pastorelli (2 ′ st Carniani), Bernardini, Gangi (36 ′ st Pecchia); Meattini, Solazzo, Bruci, Fambrini, Pini. Allocate Pacciani
Available: 1. Mazzola; 13. Bathrooms

Referee: Mr. Matteo Mozzo of Padua

Assistants: Sigg. Rapiti and Toujiar of Reggio Emilia

Recovery: 1 ′ + 3 ′

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