Saturday, 25 January 2020
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Regional Cup Italy, semi-final round: San Miniato Siena - Parma 3-0

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Siena, 10 June 2019 - The Parma Feminine comes out defeated 3-0 by San Miniato - and decimated because of the expulsions for interruption of clear scoring chances by Julienne Ngobi in the first half and Nicole Pizzera in the second half - in the first leg of the Cup Italia Regionale, played on the synthetic field of San Miniato (Siena), Sunday 9 June 2019.

Race in balance in the first abundant half hour of play with both formations showing aggressive: after a header from Rossella Punzi finished high Bruci answers with a conclusion that ends up on the bottom, then Mazzola para on Lucia Frati. The key episode happens at the 33 ', when - opposed in makeshift from Ngobi, who slips, - Mascilli drops to the ground in the area: the referee Sig. Silvio Torreggiani of Civitavecchia estimates that there are extremes both for the concession of the penalty kick is for the expulsion of the strong central of the Parma, first distinguished him for resolutive interventions, but "clean": Pecchia transforms the rigor and puts the game in descent for the Tuscany in advantage of a goal and a soccer player.

The controversial Lazio whistle - not very pleasant due to the ostentatious attitude - on the occasion also dismisses the vice coach Matteo Zanacca and, a little later, also the coach Andrea Bazzini. On the terraces before and after the race, then the supporters will not hide their disappointment. Without technical guidance from the bench, with Team Manager Cristina Romanini forced to triple in her own and others' functions, the Crusades try to square and resist, even if the adversaries, who had already shown their undoubted value before the numerical superiority, have now a way to express yourself even more easily.

After a decisive intervention by Bonomo on Bruci, the San Miniato managed to double up the zanacca bazzini fuoriXNUM ′: Pecchia's verticalization for Bruci who this time managed to climb over the outgoing goalkeeper, mocking the 40-2 with which he went to rest. At the beginning of the second half, Noemi Santirocco tries to close the gap, but Mazzola neutralizes his conclusion. At the 0 'st a great volley of Pini from the trocar slips behind Bonomo and is the 8-3. The Parma tries to shorten the distances: on the developments of a corner kick Mazzola doesn't hold back on Frati, but on the riveted Lombardi puts out. At the 0 'st the Crusades even remain in 38 for the expulsion of Nicole Pizzera, sacrificed to prevent the fourth goal of the hosts. Restraining for the shirt and consequent red for her too. Thus ends 9-3 with the San Miniato that puts a serious mortgage on the Final of Florence on Sunday 0 June 23: but first we will have to play the return (Sunday 2019 June 16) with the strong desire Crusade to hit the company with a "Remuntada" from annals: with opponents of other thickness, this is true, but often the team coached by Mr. Bazzini, in the league, has repeatedly scored, so it is used to multiple signatures, not everything is lost, despite the awareness of difficulty that can create a strong team, and already with three networks to its assets to be able to manage. From Siena, however, a useful warning about what will be the level of the Serie C Championship, which also includes the girls of San Miniato, winners of their Championship and of the Regional Cup.

On Sunday it will be necessary to draw on the precious tank of the Juniores team, already fundamental in recent months, as repeatedly acknowledged by Mr. Bazzini himself, who has been able to count, unlike his competitors, in practice on two roses: yesterday, however, the Under 19 they were simultaneously engaged in Genoa (second place with a goal suffered only in the final minutes of the Final of the 29 ° Don Rossi Tournament, Memorial Davide Granato, from the rossoblùs of home winners of the Competition, of which RIta Marseglia was recognized as the best footballer) and were missed like the air, as well as several players of the 1 ^ Team who, for various assorted reasons, had not been able to respond to the call, reducing the shipment to just 15 players.

SAN MINIATO-PARMA 3-0 (Regional Italian Cup, Semifinal, First leg) / IL TABELLINO
Markers: 33 'Pecchia (rig.), 40' Bruci, 8 'st Pini

SAN MINIATO - Mazzola; Bernardini, Pecchia (25 'st Gangi); Solazzo, Meattini, Bruci (4 'st Pastorelli); Pini, Fambrini (40 'st Bagni), Mascilli, Tamburini, Toppi. Allocate Pacciani.
Available: 12. Nardi; 15. Scarlet, 19. Carniani, 21. Mosconi

PARMA - Bonomo; Pollini, Saccani (1 'st Pizzera); Fragni, Frati, Ngobi; Lombardi, Fontanesi (20 'st Minari), Punzi, Boselli, Santirocco (35' st Linzalata). Allazz. Bazzini.
Available: 12. Turzillo

Referee: Mr. Silvio Torreggiani from Civitavecchia

Assistants: Mr. Pacheco of Florence and Mr. Virizzi of Valdarno

Expelled: Ngobi at the 33 ′ and Pizzera at the 40 ′ st due to clear goal scoring

Get off the bench: at the 38 ′ the Parma coach Andrea Bazzini and at the 33 ′ the assistant coach Matteo Zanacca

Ammonite: Boselli, Santirocco

Recovery: 1 ′ + 2 ′

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