Saturday, April 04 2020
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Regional Italian Cup: a subdued Res Women is defeated at home. In the return serves the business

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Internal defeat for the Res Women who lost one to zero the first match against the Free Girls, valid for the Italian Cup semi-final.
The Giallorossi play a match below their chances and now they will have to do business in Abruzzo to reach the coveted goal of the final.

Mister Fiorucci must do without Sereni and Captain Gherghi, and sends Camilli into the field from the first minute between the posts, Proietti, Ilaria Brozzi, Antonucci and Lanna in defense, Mattioli and Di Gennaro in the median, with Conti, Cosentino and Valentini who they act behind Sara Di Guglielmo.

Accomplice the great heat the first time is devoid of great emotions and the race is released only in the second half, with a flicker of the Abruzzo striker who jumps Antonucci and Brozzi and signs the winning goal; the attempt by the owners to rebalance the match was in vain, with the Giallorossi raising their center of gravity but they are never able to trouble the extreme defender.

The post-match words of Mr. Fiorucci: "The result is perhaps right given the number of occasions seen during the race; it is a pity to have given our opponents three situations of stupid mistakes. Mr. Mucci's girls showed great concentration and this led them to win the race. We are called to a great test next Sunday. "

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