Thursday, January 12th
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From Serie D to Juniors up to Serie B: The winning teams in Veneto

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Now very little is left to the conclusion of this season of women's football; the last trophies to be awarded remain before our thoughts are colored blue for Europeans in the Netherlands.
We are going to discover the winning teams in Veneto (and Friuli Venezia Giulia) who have been involved in the various regional committee championships and cups.
Graphistudio Pordenone and Polisportiva San Marco bring for now in Friuli well 4 trophies; the most prestigious victory is the Veronese of Fimauto Valpolicella with the promotion in Serie A; the most fought is Bassano who lands in Serie B after winning the playoff against Keralpen Belluno.

The Friulans of Graphistudio Pordenone have imposed themselves in the regional Juniores Veneto championship and they fly to the final phase where they will play against Isera the access to the semifinals.
The first leg, at the home of the champions of Trento, was played on May 24 and ended with a draw; the return, the 4 June, will be an open game where it will start again from the 1-1 score.
In the event that the Graphistudio comes out winning this double fight, will meet in the semi-finals the winner between Pinerolo and Fiammamonza, respectively champions of Piedmont / Valle d'Aosta and Lombardy.

Four teams qualified for the final round of the Primavera tournament: AGSM Verona, Pro San Bonifacio, Padova and Marcon.
The Venetian teams will compete in a quadrangular from which will emerge the lucky semifinalist who will challenge for the access to the prestigious final the winner of the triangular between Molassana Boero (Liguria) -Inter Milan (Lombardy) -Juventus Torino (Piedmont / Valle d'Aosta) .
The run-up to the trophy will start on Sunday 28 May at 15.30 with Verona-Marcon and Pro San Bonifacio-Padova; we will continue the 31 with Marcon-Pro San Bonifacio and Padova-Verona and finally the 4 June with the last challenges of the quadrangular Marcon-Padova and Pro San Bonifacio-Verona.




Pro San Bonifacio-Padua

Stadio Olivieri - Verona

Renzo Tizian - Verona



Marcon-Pro San Bonifacio


Nereo Rocco - Marcon

Comunale Vermigli - Padua




Pro San Bonifacio-Verona

Nereo Rocco - Marcon

Renzo Tizian - Verona

After the Graphistudio Pordenone Juniores, it is another Friulian team to conquer the summit of the championship.
The Polisportiva San Marco (Trieste) starts immediately strong and keeps behind the opponents until the end with 15 victories, 2 draws and a single defeat, pulling the town of Triestina two points away.
On the bulletin board also the Veneto Serie D Cup won in the final for 2-1 against the Altivolese Maser, for a season to be framed.

Andrea Bagat, President of the Polisportiva San Marco, is pleased with what has been done:
"It is an enormous satisfaction for us to see the efforts of a season in which as a team from Friuli we have supported in participating in the activities of the Veneto Committee, repaid in every respect; Committee to which we address a never too much THANK YOU for having welcomed us and allowed our girls to continue the sport they love.
As President, I can not fail to be proud of the results obtained and above all to see our young people grow so rapidly, in the hope that the movement of women's football in general is increasingly growing.
In our small way, we try to carry out our tasks with all the passion and dedication we have.
Despite the difficulties that our region is experiencing, we want to pursue a soccer project in pink that can be a reference point in the territory and a bearer of those intrinsic values ​​that only belong to the Sport.
I conclude by thanking the technical staff for the fantastic work done, the responsible coach Francesca Ruzic and her Deputy but not according to Denis Doria "

To elect the queen of the Serie C has even served the playoff among the leaders of the class, with Bassano who won the promotion in Serie B. The Bassanesi won for 3-1 the decisive battle with the Keralpen Belluno, opponents with whom they shared the head of the championship.
It was a good race where both teams mocked the Graphistudio Pordenone (3 ° at the end of the season) a few days from the end and both concluded 46 points with 15 victories, 1 draw and 2 defeats.

President Lorenzo Gomiero is satisfied:
"Last year we missed the promotion in favor of Virtus Padova, but this year we succeeded despite the presence of Pordenone: could not register for the Serie B championship because it was not entitled (not for demerits sports) and then we played with them. After Belluno also came on very well and then it was a championship at 3. A very hard-fought championship, which in the end we managed to win thanks to the victory in Pordenone which was the keystone and we managed to discourage the Graphistudio; they later had two consecutive losses and were cut off.
On May 14 we played the play-off with Belluno, who had beaten us both times in the league, but we managed to win 3-1 in a fairly peremptory way.
It was a good season, with the staff that was more or less the same as last year, with two that have gone, but with some extra reinforcement "
For the Graphistudio it remains however the consolation of the conquest of the Serie C Veneto Cup with a round 6-0 against the Pink Torreglia and the possibility to play a place in Serie B winning the National Phase of the Regional Italian Cup.
The Friulians will face Riccione (Emilia Romagna) and Brixen Obi (Trentino-Alto Adige) in a triangular to access the semi-finals.

Another championship decided only at the end, is Group C of Serie B: to triumph and to earn the much sought after promotion in Serie A is Fimauto Valpolicella.
The Veronese, after having passed the countryman of the Pro San Bonifacio, have maintained the head of the classification from the 11a day of the first round to the end, keeping an Inter Milan for only two points that has tried in every way to undermine the first place in Valpolicella.

"We are delighted with this victory because it is the result of constant work and passion of the last three years on the part of the team, staff and company" comments the President Flora Bonafini.
"Having won the Serie B championship in a very difficult group and having done it at the last championship game gives an even stronger flavor to our emotions.
The secret of this victory, I think, is above all contained in the last year where all our players have shown at every moment, and there have also been difficult and passing moments, to believe in Valpo and to put aside selfishness. This I think was the most, in addition of course a team full of talent, a staff prepared and a company with a great desire to work "

fimauto valpo sottocurvaA

Marco Bedin

Marco Bedin
Author: Marco BedinWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Aspiring sports journalist, he follows Verona and Vicenza and takes care of Veneto football



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