Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Company San Miniato, the neroverdi stop Ulivieri

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The Pontedera, led by Ex Parma and Naples, stops in Siena after 12 wins on 12
A draw that tastes like a business. Because the news is not so much the result, a classic 1-1 that divides the stakes between the two contenders. But rather, the opponent to whom San Miniato has torn that precious point.
An adversary who played the role of the Pontedera, a true supercharger, so far, of the C championship, which had dominated far and wide with twelve successes in as many days of the tournament, 50 goals scored and only six suffered. A group built to win, and entrusted to the skilled hands of a certain Renzo Ulivieri, back from a career in the best Italian football teams - Parma, Sampdoria, Turin, Naples, Cagliari, Bologna, just to name a few - that for some years has decided to embrace the cause of women's football.

The amaranth battleship, despite the clear gap in the standings against the neroverdi, does not come to Siena for an afternoon outing: so, in the early stages of the game the pressure of the host team is incessant, and culminates in the 25 'with the advantage signed by Maffei. The leader's network, however, shakes Pacciani's girls in a raging reaction, and at 33 'Carniani finds the right paw at the end of a melee in the area re-establishing the parity with which it reaches the interval.

In the second half, the team continues to push the foot on the accelerator, creating numerous opportunities, but the number one Siena Mazzola appears in the day of grace, lowering the gate and foiling three clear goal balls. On the other hand, Meattini and companions are not watching, and even touch the resounding victory goal several times.
The 1-1 that matures at the final whistle, therefore, can undoubtedly be considered right, between a team equipped to win and a great San Miniato that, with determination and determination, has been able to keep up with it. The
contemporary KO of Carrarese in Rignano, however, allows the Pontedera, despite the half misstep, to reach the summit at + 7 on the apuan. For San Miniato, however, another point - gold - placed against Livorno, with eight points on the margin of the relegation zone.

Setback instead for the Juniores, who fall in the presence of the strong Arezzo.
Mister Fambrini is however satisfied with how his girls have faced the race, remained in balance for a time and fought until the final minutes. "As a result, the girls did well, playing a good game and giving the opponent a hard time, I noticed a clear improvement compared to the first leg."

Mickey Balducci

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