Monday, January 27 2020
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Marsala continues to win women's football

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After the two victories in the Italian Cup, Giuseppe Chirco's Marsala Women's Football, today debuted in the women's championship in the home game against Academy Sant'Agata. At the 14: 30 at the Mariano Di Dia in Strasatti the first of the championship was staged decreeing the victory of the home team. 3 ends at 1 and Marsala wins the first three points in the standings. A victory that is not obvious and uphill but that highlighted the physical preparation of the mister Anteri girls and a mental clarity that led them to leave the initial impasse and overturn the result.

Satisfied the coach of the performance of his athletes and for the victory that opens in a positive way this twentieth season. Great joy for the girls who are in their third consecutive victory and who are hoping for a championship full of satisfaction.

The chronicle - some changes in the eleven proposals from the Marsala female technician Valeria Anteri to face the Messina team and gain the first three points.
The Sant'agata starts strong and takes the lead just six minutes before the kick-off with Pizzino. Nothing to do for Tomasino. A phase follows in which the teams face each other openly without finding gaps forward. The Female Marsala tries to 15 'with Cammarata with a shot on action that does not worry Naples. At the 17 'Raffaele makes a shot on goal that is saved by Tomasino. Immediately afterwards Di Stefano ends up offside. The ball goes to Sant'Agata with Ciciriello pulling out. Same fate for Cammarata at 22 '. Alcamo takes the ball back and shoots at the goal, a shot saved by the opposing goalkeeper. Return to play, Cammarata wins the ball and with an assist hands it to Di Stefano who does not disappoint by scoring the goal of the tie. Reversing course for the Lilibeta team that goes forward. At the 31 'Alcamo makes a shot on goal that is saved by the opposing goalkeeper. We try again immediately after Cammarata but the shot is weak. The ball goes to Sant'Agata who with Raffaele makes a shot that ends out. At the 40 'Di Stefano tries to score but the goalkeeper of the Messina team is not unprepared for parrying him without difficulty. It's a good time for the Marsala Feminine, which takes shape at the 42 'with a goal from Cammarata. The hosts, having found the advantage, continue to push and at the end of the first half Alcamo pulls on goal and for Naples there is no escape. After a minute of recovery teams at rest with the 3 score at 1.

After returning from the locker room, the Female Marsala, strong of the conquered advantage, shows itself more determined and master of the playing field dominating the second half, without however any shock on the final result.
In the second half, the first noteworthy opportunity arrives after three minutes and the Marsala Feminine with Cammarata, whose shot ends outside, is realized. Same fate at 10 'always with Cammarata. Few occasions for the visiting team up to 19 'when Raffaele gives life to a well-balanced throw but that takes a resounding crossbar.

At the 25 'the Saint Agatha makes a change: Cammareri enters instead of Zingales. Shortly after, change for the home team: Centonze enters and Alcamo, author of the third goal, comes out. At 30 'Centonze makes his first shot on goal, saved by the goalkeeper. Another change for the Messina team: enter Salerno instead of Ciciriello. After a minute Ciciriello makes a header on a corner kick but cannot find the goal. At the 41 'substitution in the female Marsala: Giacalone enters, Di Stefano exits. Other substitutions for the Female Marsala at the end of the race. After 4 minutes of recovery, the referee's triple whistle decreed the final result of 3 to 1.

Next meeting on Sunday 15 December away from home with Libertas, already met in the Italian Cup. From Tuesday they resume training at Mariano Di Dia without lowering their guard and maintaining concentration in order to continue doing well.

Press and Communication Area Manager
Marilena Titone

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