Sunday, 19 January 2020
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The Ludos drops poker to Marsala

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The Ludos, with a quaterna, beats the fearsome Marsala and puts the second consecutive victory on as many matches played so far. Excellent departure of the girls trained by Antonella Licciardi. At the 2 ', on a corner scheme, La Mattina exchanges with Intravaia and then lets go a shot that dangerously crosses the mirror of the door. At the 5 'Gerardi's shooting shot that becomes an assist for Cammarata, but his conclusion is weak and off target. At the 9 'knock of Provence slightly deflected just enough to finish the ball to the side.

At the 10 'Roberta La Cavera thinks to play the charge and to unlock the result with a fantastic goal made in acrobatics. At 14 'insistent action of La Cavera, the ball comes to Dragotto but his shot is rejected by Sabella. The Ludos wastes two other good chances with Intravaia (25 ') and Priolo (27'). At the 32 'Dragotto goes close to the goal by centering the crossbar. The Marsala shows up at 36 ': launch for Term, which ends badly. At the 38 'Giamo's shot, on the short rebound of the goalkeeper pounced La Cavera but Sabella is opposed again. At 44 'Campanella closes well on Cammarata. In the second half, Dragotto is launched. At the 10 'and the 12' the bomber wastes two good chances.

A minute later Ciancimino saves on the line denying the joy of scoring to Gaaliche. The doubling is ripe and arrives at the 16 'with Dragotto that exploits the assistance of La Cavera to perfection. Then Gaaliche wears the role of assist woman and produces a series of invitations to the net: at 32 'Buttacavoli does not hit the door while Dragotto thanks and between the 34' and the 37 'scores two other goals. At the end of the race, the President Cinzia Valenti makes a special mention for this important success: "Victory and first place are dedicated to our manager Salvatore Bommarito, who died prematurely in mid-November, in fact he was a fundamental figure for our society" .

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