Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Parma beats the Pievecella 5-1 (dts) in the final and won the Emilia Romagna Cup of Excellence

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San Felice sul Panaro (MO), 20 May 2019 - 19 May 2019: on the same day that the first men's team, beating 1-0 at the Tardini, Fiorentina wins the mathematical salvation with the stay in Serie A guaranteed also for next season , Parma Rosa won the Emilia Romagna Cup of Female Excellence, beating Pievecella's eternal rivals Pievecella in the final for 5-1 (dts, 1-1 after regular time).

For the team of Mister Andrea Bazzini this is a historic "duplete": in fact, after celebrating Sunday 7 Aprile 2019, with three days in advance, the promotion in Serie C, here again the success also in the second regional competition, with a lot of of Cup, with small ears, raised to the sky of San Felice sul Panaro (MO) - site chosen by the LND for the disputed single conclusive act - by Captain Minari and companions. Right verdict, even if the Crusades, to be right for the adversaries, had to work overtime with extra time.

After just a minute, Pievecella frightens the yellow-blu faith audience: Calloni launches Gatta, who overtakes Frati, but weakly pulls and Bonomo manages to parry easily. Parma, at 3 ′, responds with Fontanesi, whose conclusion from the limit goes over the crossbar. At the 7 ola Sola finds a grassland on the right enters the area, bypasses Bonomo on the way out, but when the ball she threw seemed to be destined to cross the line, it was swept away by Julienne Ngobi who with an incredible shot managed to erect, denying the goal. At the 11 ′ it is Alice Lombardi who has the good chance, but on the exit of Grossi the ball gets a little too long and the goalkeeper makes a mistake. At the 12 ′ launch for Parizzi, who manages to evade the defense and finds a great left-footer who slips right under the crossbar (0-1).

Parma reacts and tries to grab the tie with Debora Fragni immediately, but his shot to the loop flies just over the crossbar. Same fate at 24 ′ for a conclusion, from the opposite side, of Gatta. At the 25 ′ Capiran Fosca Calloni the (first) yellow card is taken. The game goes out a bit: Parma struggles to play and often goes into difficulty in midfield, while Pievecella, on the other hand, holds back the ducal strikers who can't find a break. At the 40 ′, after Fragni's corner, Rossella Punzi coordinates and heads to shout to the goal, but the ball goes out.

At rest, the Reggio people are ahead of a goal, deservedly well: in the second half, however, they go out and the Crusades, with increasing authority, rise to the chair, immediately finding the balance with an irresistible Alice Lombardi (2 ′ st), who, with a trip from outside the area, find the seven. Galvanized by the achieved equality the white-crusades crush the grenades in their own half of the field, preventing them from going out and going to the shooting from every possible and imaginable position. At 7 ′ st Punzi the shooting starts, but the crossbar rejects the header. At 12 ′ st the Pievecella becomes dangerous with a Bandini-Parizzi exchange, but the fidentine attacker arrives late and the action fades. At 16 ′ st Fragni he crosses for Punzi who manages to score with a twist, but exultation is strangled by the linesman's flag that signals an off side.

Parma does not become disunited and continues to cause dangers from every position, but the attackers of the Crusades lack precision and the result does not change. At the 18 ′ st Punzi kicks high, at the 24 ′ st Lombardi, from a good position, he puts to the side. At the 30 ′ st the new entry Giulia Galvani wedges in the host defense, Grossi closes in a corner. From the corner the ball reaches Baccanti who is spread out in the area, but the referee Mrs. Profits of Faenza lets it continue ... At the 33 ′ st Johara Boselli from the right top, he jumps Gatta and tries to surprise Grossi, but his left-handed goes high . At the 34 ′ st Galvani gives a show jumping to speed 3 opponents, however his shot is miraculously deflected by Grossi. At the 37 ′ st Galvani is landed by Calloni who remedies the second yellow card with consequent expulsion for a second yellow card. Parma in numerical superiority. At 47 ′ st Baccanti serves Galvani who from a good position shoots high. At the last of the 5 ′ minutes of recovery Punzi ends on the side. The regulatory time ends on the 1-1, despite the clear domination of Parma, which will occupy the Pievecella half-field permanently even in extra time. At the 3 ′ pts Terzoni puts in the middle for Galvani who pulls very high. At the 5 ′ pts it is Friars to try it from the outside, Grossi takes a piece and Galvani kicks the pole. At 10 ′ pts finally, by dint of and by and by, Parma scores: Debora Fragni's shot from the edge, Giorgia Terzoni pounces on the ball and signs the 2-1. Parma cheers and after two minutes (12 ′ pts) secures the result with Rossella Punzi (3-1) who hooks a Galvani cross, turns and throws on the net. At the 3 ′ sts Punzi scores twice and brings Parma to the 4-1.

At the 9 ′ sts Fontana arrives in speed, but Grossi anticipates by a whisker. At 11 'sts Terzoni well launched by Minari stretches the ball in the area and Grossi para. At the 15 ′ sts glory also for Ilenia Fontana - specialist in goals to the photo finish to close the epochal appointments (his the number 100 goal in the Championship) that with a precise right bag (5-1) a moment before the whistle with the final that sees all the girls hugging and singing in midfield, first - and even after - the awards ceremony ...

Markers: 12 ′ Parizzi, 2 ′ st Lombardi, 10 ′ pts Terzoni, 12 ′ pts and 3 ′ sts Punzi, 15 ′ sts Fontana

PARMA - Bonomo; Alfieri, Fragni; Boselli, Frati, Ngobi; Lombardi (40 ′ st Terzoni), Pizzera (8 ′ sts Minari), Punzi (5 ′ sts Fontana), Fontanesi (1 ′ st Baccanti), Santirocco (26 ′ st Galvani). Allazz. Bazzini
Available: 12. Ravanetti; 13. Berni. 16. Saccani, 19. Linzalata

SPORTING PIEVECELLA - Grossi; Cristaldi, Cocconi; Blommaert (12 ′ pts Uccellini), Calloni, Maini; Parizzi (25 ′ st Ferrari), Bonacini, Gatta (40 ′ st Iodice), Bandini (3 ′ sts Ficili), Sola. All. Saracca
Available: 12. Guidetti; 17. Riolo, 18. Volcano

Expelled: Calloni, at 37 ′ st, for double admonition

Ammonite: Calloni; Fontanesi, Santirocco

Referee: Mrs. Profits of Faenza

Assistants: Ms Spani of Ravenna and Ms Gamberoni of Faenza

Recovery: 2 ′ + 5 ′

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