Riccione-Parma 0-2. Once the championship is over, comes the Coppa Emilia semifinal with the Sammartinese

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Riccione (RN), 6 Maggio 2019 - The Parma Female, with a nice 0-2 outside at Riccione's home, in the 13 ^ and last Day of Return, closes the Championship of Excellence with yet another victory (the 21 ^ on 24 games). The teams start with a mild rhythm, even if Parma is more proactive and becomes dangerous with Lombardi at the 5 ′ (shot retaken by Generali in a corner). At the 7 ′ Fragni's attempt from distance, but Giorgi para. A minute later it was Lombardi's turn, well freed by Ceci, to enter the area at his feet, but unbalanced by Della Chiara pulled up.

At the 17 ′ the goal arrives: Boselli's corner the free defense on the feet of Fragni that from the trocar puts in for Punzi that with an imperious detachment anticipates Giorgi in exit. The Riccione responds immediately afterwards with Frison serving in the center, but Fragni removes the ball from the feet of Diversi. The Romagnolese push and, from a free kick on the right, Cesari heads towards the goal, but Punzi - in an unusual defensive position - manages to intercept and retort. Parma returns immediately in attack and Galvani has two good chances, but the aim is not the best. At 39 ′ it seems made for Lombardi who, fed by Minari, jumps Generali, but his shot goes out on the outside of the net. At the end (41 ′) occasion Riccione with Riceci, but Turzillo instinctively raises over the crossbar.

In the second half the Riccione test again with Riceci, but the Friars stand guard and recover on the Romagna striker. On the reversal in front (6 ′ st) comes the doubling: Boselli and Punzi corner is perfect in the insertion and, anticipating also the companion Galvani, surprises Giorgi scoring (0-2). The game slips away with Ngobi who closes any Rimini ambitions, while Parma gets dangerous with Galvani (12 ′ st) and Minari (20 ′ st). After a high shot by Cesari, at the 23 ′ Turzillo is again amazing: on the angled shot of Diversi he stretches and removes the ball from the corner. After the whirlwind of substitutions the rhythm goes down, the Parma administers the result and at the end it would be able to score again with Minari that on the fly on Boschi's assist bags, but the referee annuls for a doubtful offside and then whistles the end of the meeting and of the Championship.

The gialloblù then end with 21 victories, 2 draws and only one defeat. 116 goals scored (best attack) and 18 goals conceded (second best defense). Four players in double figures: Fragni (12), Boselli (14), Galvani (17) and Punzi. The latter (45 years) with 27 goals scored graduates top scorer of the tournament after having long fought at a distance with the other veteran (47 years) Federica Cesari (together in the photo on the right) of Riccione, for the bomber's podium (22). Once the Championship is definitively filed, with all the collective and individual records and satisfactions attached, the head is now turned to the Coppa Emilia: Sunday 12 Maggio in San Martino in Rio (RE) at the 19, against the local formation (Sammartinese, in the Championship 1-6 in the first leg and 4-2 in the second leg), the Gialloblù will play the semi-final.


Markers: 17 'and 6' st Punzi

FEMALE RICCIONE - Giorgi; Della Chiara, Da Silva (25 ′ st Borghesi); Semprini (31 ′ st Grigoreac), Generali (10 ′ st Palmieri), Fornari; Piersanti (11 ′ st Santi), Riceci, Diversi, Frison, Cesari. Fabbri All
Available: 17. Santolini, 18. Pirazzini

PARMA - Turzillo; Boschi, Fragni; Boselli (26 ′ st Zolesi), Frati, Ngobi; Lombardi, Ceci (11 ′ st Pollini), Punzi (23 ′ st Ejelli), Minari, Galvani. Allazz. Bazzini
Available: 12. Bonomo; 14. Fontanesi

Referee: Mr. Dominique of Rimini

Recovery: 1 '+ 3'

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