Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Parma Rosa also beat Formigine

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Formigine (MO), 29 Aprile 2019 - Parma Rosa, already winner of the Regional Women's Excellence Championship, also beat Formigine, surpassing the PGS Smile 3-5 in the race valid for the 11 ^ Return Day played on Sunday 28 Aprile 2019. The team of Mr. Andrea Bazzini, unexpectedly, goes under a goal to the 9 ′ (Cecilia Nizzoli's net: 1-0), but Giulia Galvani, at the 11 'with a nice right on a punishment scheme, beaten by Alice Lombardi from right, equalize (1-1).

At the 18 ′ always Galvani, wrapped up in a delightful personal action, is landed in the area and the ref. Costanzo of Modena gives the maximum punishment: on the diskette goes the same number 11 that does not make mistakes and carries on the Champions of Emilia (1-2). The Modenese reach them at the 37 ′ with a header from Viva (2-2), but the Crusades, at the end, make tris with Giulia Fontanesi (2-3), well primed by Galvani who adds an assist to the previous two goals. In the resumption net dominance of Parma that to the 12 ′ st marks its own fourth net with Rebecca Saccani (left handed trick deviated: 2-4). The PGS reopens the games with Bruzzelli at the 33 ′ st (3-4), but bomber Rossella Punzi, who during the recovery had detected Noemi Santirocco) at the 39 ′ st finally closes the meeting on 3-5 and goes to 20 personal networks in the tournament, with a tap up on a particularly inspired Alice Lombardi.

This, at the end of the meeting, was commented by Mister Andrea Bazzini interviewed by Gabriele Majo, press and communication manager of the Youth Sector and of the Parma Calcio 1913 Women's Team:

gabriele majo andrea bazzini after pgs smile parma 28 04 2019 “It starts from two faces: a fairly good first half, played at good levels, which served above all to have the two or three girls who come from injuries play a bit of playing time ' long. We had Eleonora Ceci, captain of the Juniores Under 19, make her debut from the first minute as a play maker and I would say he did well, even though he suffered muscle strain during the second half and we had to change it. With the five of today we climbed to 105 goal, but since there are those who say that 4 should not be counted at Riccione out of the rankings, however today we have reached the same 101 quota and thus exceeded, let's say officially, the record of the 100: Giulia Galvani made two beautiful goals, author of an amazing match, then she too was tired and we changed her. It was a very good workout in view of the Coppa Emilia Semi-final. Today there were too many defenses at the defensive level: we took the first goal on a night's sleep, with the ball on their first point, we gave them time to turn around and she was good at guessing the seven: these are those famous plays that a team with an expert defense like ours cannot allow opponents. Today it can also be there, but we must always keep the concentration and the desire to win high: it is not easy, but in the end we succeeded and well. On the defensive stage we made too many individual mistakes and we scored the goals we practically suffered, but today we can do it, we say we wasted all the negative jokers there were to play today ... For the rest we also had good directions: the goals came from good plays, and now let's face constructively the challenging week we're entering ... "

Markers: 9 ′ Nizzoli, 11 ′ and 18 ′ (rig.) Galvani, 37 ′ Viva, 42 ′ Fontanesi, 12 ′ st Saccani, 33 ′ st Bruzzelli, 39 ′ st Punzi

PGS SMILE - Uncertain; Parmigiani, Andreotti (22 ′ st Bruzzelli); Camurani, Carpentiero, Viva; Martinelli, Amici, Nizzoli, Vecchi (26 ′ st Dini), Toni (6 ′ st Florini). All. Arvani
Available: 12. Verri; 14. Ferrari, 16. Dini

PARMA - Bonomo; Pollini, Saccani; Pizzera (32 ′ st Linzalata), Frati, Ngobi; Lombardi (38 ′ st Terzoni), Ceci, (20 ′ st Boselli), Santirocco (12 ′ st Punzi), Fontanesi, Galvani (22 ′ st Minari). Allazz. Bazzini
Available: 12. Turzillo; 13. Woods, 16. Alfieri, 20. Fragni

Referee: Mr. Costanzo of Modena

Recovery: 1 '+ 2'

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