Tuesday, December 10 2019
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Spal - Parma 2 at 2, crusaders still at + 6 on the Pievecella

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Ferrara, 10 March 2019 - Parma Rosa returns from Ferrara only with one point, but thanks to the contemporary internal draw of the Pievecella rivals, stopped by Casalgragnola on 1-1, keeps 6 points away on Reggio Emilia (44-38) that remain second since the third of the Osteria Grande have been defeated by the Fossolo 76 (1-0) and are blocking to 35.

Draw substantially correct (2-2) that collected on the Municipal Field in natural grass of Baura (FE), Sunday 10 March 2019, even if the Parma twice went ahead, except to be reassembled twice, and in the second half he had several unfinalized opportunities. The Crusades took the lead after only 2 ': Boselli's corner and Santirocco's imperial cut-off. The Spal is thrown in attack and Parma too retreating exposing himself to the raids of Fratini that 9 'takes the defense and it takes all the experience of spal parma female excellence 10 03 2019 groupPollini to prevent Carbone from scoring. At the 12 'Spal equalized with Sattin left alone in the area.

60 seconds pass and the crusades return to the advantage: Santirocco protects the ball, download for Alfieri who crosses the middle where bomber Punzi with a precise header bag. The Parma takes courage and has two good chances with Santirocco, but the goalkeeper manages to repel. At the 30 'the Spal catches the post with Grassi from a corner kick. At the 31 'precise opening of Fragni for Santirocco who jumps Braga, but his shot goes off at the bottom. At 35 'Carbone evades the offside comes in, but Pollini recovers and puts in the corner.

At 38 'the referee whistles for a foul Bonomo's exit: Braga takes aim and puts it in seven. The recovery begins with Parma more advanced and with Galvani in great dust, but the defense is able to reject (1 'st). At 3 'st are Punzi and female excellence spal parma 10 03 2019Santirocco not to get on the ball kicked by Galvani. At the 9 'st the Spal is shown, but Filippini's shot is high above the crossbar. At the 17 'st Galvani is landed at the edge of the area: on the ball goes the specialist Boselli and his shot flies over the crossbar.

At 22 'st Da Ronche, out, takes the ball from the head of Punzi. At 26 'st Lombardi and Galvani they dialogue on the right, but the shot is slow and the keeper saves the ball. At the 34 'st Alfieri serves Galvani who manages to turn around, his conclusion, however, parades to the side. At 41 'st the Spal recriminates for an offside by Fratini. After the expiration of the referee whistling a questionable punishment for a back of the leg of Ngobi Bonomo: Grassi takes aim, but the ball is printed on the crossbar. For the Crusades on Sunday another trip, this time in Cavezzo, against the local training, and will have to re-propose the same compactness and the beautiful game expressed in Ferrara.

Markers: 2 'Santirocco, 12' Sattin, 13 'Punzi, 39' Braga

SPAL - From Ronche; Fornaro (18 'st Bizzo), Braga; Luciani (40 'pt Martello), Oliveri, Visconti; Carbone (3 'st Pirani), Grassi, Fratini, Sattin (22' st Chierici), Filippini. All. Morotti
Available: 12. Orlandi; 14. Chiarini, 15. Alfero, 16. Moretto

PARMA - Bonomo; Alfieri, Pollini; Boselli, Frati, Ngobi; Santirocco (20 'st Baccanti), Lombardi, Punzi, Fragni, Galvani. All. Bazzini
Available: 12. Turzillo; 13. Saccani, 14. Minari, 15. Fountain, 16. Linzalata, 18. Tommasini

Referee: Mr. Braga of Ferrara

Ammonite: Bonomo, Frati, Braga, Oliveri

Recovery: 1 '+ 2'

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