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Parma - Riccione 4 - 0

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Parma, 16 December 2018 - The Women's Parma concludes the Round of Draw with a nice win - a clear 4-0 on the Riccione Feminine - which reaffirms the leadership of the winter ex aequo with the Reggiane of Pievecella.

Even though today's match, being the guests registered off the charts, did not give concrete points for the classification, the Crusades provided excellent indications on the form of the whole group, also because Mister Bazzini also gave space to players with lower minutages and made three debuts in absolute (Scaffardi, Ceci Junior Under 19 and the new purchase Santirocco). The round result should not mislead or imagine a health walk: the Romagnole, in fact, fought until the end and, especially in the first half, have repeatedly worried the door defended by Bonomo.

Ready and the Riccione goes close to scoring with several (very young national under 15) that crosses right from the right, but Bonomo neutralizes in two stages. At the 4 'the referee leaves continue on an alleged foul from a penalty on Fontanesi and on the overturn in front is still several wedged in the jersey of the defense Crusade, but his shot flies over the crossbar. At 14 'is amazing Fontana on the right: enters the area and puts in the middle for Terzoni who manages to hook, but weakly pulls. Another chance for Terzoni two minutes later, but Giorgi para. At 26 'Minari verticalize for Fontana, who pulls from outside without luck. At 32 'Terzoni serves a nice ball in the middle that Minari and Punzi do not collect, Fontanesi arrives and is stretched to the edge of the area. On the ball goes Baccanti whose dove, aided by a deflection of the barrier, sticks to the right of the goalkeeper (1-0).

The advantage gives wings to the Crusades who seek the doubling of Terzoni, but his shot, on an assist by Punzi, is well saved by Giorgi. At the 44 ', on the developments of a corner, the ball reaches Berni, whose shot goes off over the crossbar. At rest we go on the partial Parma-Riccione 1-0. In the second half the guests are immediately seen with several whose shot touches the post. At the 10 'st the Giallobl├╣ doubling brings Fragni's signature that collects a perfect assist of Galvani, anticipates Grigoreac and scores (2-0).

The Riccione reacts with Sanchi who after jumping Frati looks for the corner, but Bonomo is careful and to the ground. At 18 'st the new purchase PARMA FEMALE RICCIONE 16 12 2018Santirocco anticipates Contino, but his shot is deviated by Giorgi. At the 20 'st the Parma serves the trio: Berni from the distance puts a ball in the middle that Punzi defends and unloads, a on Baccanti which sees the goalkeeper out of the poles and with a lob marks. At 38 'St Santirocco recovers the ball Contino skips, pretend the shot and serves Punzi that makes poker. At the 42 'st action photocopy of Santirocco passing to Galvani whose shot, however, flies over the crossbar. At the triple whistle the cold public applauds all 22 in the field.

With this victory the Parma certifies to deserve the title of Winter Champion in cohabitation with the Pievecella, but with the Riccione had lost, even if the defeat does not weigh for the purposes for the reasons mentioned above. The Crusades, at the turning point, are also the best attack and the best defense of the Championship. Now deserved rest and then immediately maximum concentration because the 13 January at Casalgrande, to continue the journey in the Emilia Cup, it will be necessary to win by force.

This is the comment and the balance at the end of the Round of Mister Andrea Bazzini, interviewed at the end of the race by Gabriele Majo, Head of the Press Office and Communication of the Youth Sector and the Women's Team of Parma Calcio 1913:

Mr. Andrea Bazzini after Parma - Women's Riccione: "There is great satisfaction because it is a game that we won through the game, with construction, development and finalization very effective. We played as a team: all the players expressed themselves very well, I would spend two words for our goalkeeper, Marika Bonomo, who despite having only 16 years has shown today to make us hope for the future. We had three absolute debutants, including two of Junior Under 19, Giulia Scaffardi and Eleonora Ceci, who did very well and the new acquisition Noemi Santirocco, from Pescara who played a half hour of great intensity and great technique.
Among other things in the finishing workout on Friday had a slight contract, which is why, in agreement with the doctors, we preferred not to deploy immediately at the beginning, but only do this half an hour, which he did, I would say , very well. His characteristics? It's a structured tip that makes the physique its best weapon, but also technically it does some good things, and has the possibility to grow because it is still young and training with us can only improve. In this first game I did not venture her as a central point, a role that she could easily do, but on the outside high to the right. There was an excellent action with an excellent exchange with Rossella Punzi, who, from a bomber of race, has made a goal in the race in lob really valuable workmanship. Very well also Marta Baccanti who is a young woman, but plays like a veteran: she was the absolute mistress of the midfield; da play has played a game of the highest quality and also from the point of view of physicality has always been ready with the restart, ready to dirty the trajectory of passage, and then he made two very beautiful goals, one a bit 'lucky the first on a free kick, which was slightly deflected, while the second was a great goal because just thinking that on a strong ball that came out of their defense to kick from 30 meters of first to bypass the whole line of defense and the goalkeeper is really so much stuff. Today we did not play this game with the idea that Riccione was off the charts: we must build our rankings by playing all the matches as if they were finals. The Riccione is a very good team, very young, has two or three players who are in the orbit of the national category, boasts the bomber of the Championship that is their captain who is a very experienced and very boring attacker, but I would say that today i our central defenders, especially Alfieri, were very good because they never showed them the ball. If we go a bit 'to talk about statistics, since we are at the end of the year, we have only lost one out of eleven games played in the Championship; we have made 58 goals we have suffered 8 of which a couple on set pieces and two or three on our mistakes very naive: I would say, therefore, that we are in line with those that are our prerequisites to try to get to the bottom of a very championship important to us. "

Markers: 33 'and 20' st Baccanti, 10 'st Fragni, 38' st Punzi

PARMA - Bonomo; Berni, Saccani; Bacchantes, Friars (19 'st Scaffardi), Alfieri; Fontana (8 'st Galvani), Fontanesi (9' st Ceci), Punzi, Minari (17 'St Santirocco), Terzoni (7' st Fragni). All. Bazzini
Available: 12. Turzillo

FEMALE RICCIONE - Giorgi; Da Silva, Contino; Grigoreac, Guiducci, Fornari; Several, Maffei (20 'st Pirazzini), Forastieri, Sanchi, Cesari. All. Fabbri

Referee: Mr. Abid of the AIA Section of Parma

Ammonite: Fontana e Fontanesi

Recovery: 1 '+ 2'

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