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Parma-Pgs Smile 5-2. Interviews with Mr. Bazzini and Giulia Galvani

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The Parma Women does not know any setbacks and in the 11 ^ Roundabout Day of the Regional Championship of "Excellence" Women - on field B in summary of the Sports Complex "Il Noce" in Noceto, Sunday 2 December 2018 - beating 5- 2 PGS Smile, conquers three more points to maintain the first position, although always in cohabitation with the Reggiane of Pievecella, simultaneously winning 4-0 on Fossolo.

Parma, in the first 15 minutes, develop a good game crushing the Modena in their half of the field and looking for the goal with Fragni and Galvani. Their shots, however, are not accurate and are lost at the sides of the door. At the 18 'Fontanesi receives from Terzoni and puts in the area for Galvani whose shot ends on the outside of the net. It is the prelude to the goal that arrives at 23 'when Terzoni - positive his performance - recovers the ball on the trocar, avoids Parmiggiani and crosses for Punzi that half-turn pierces Incerti. Parma continues to attack with the external Fragni and Terzoni, but the result does not change. At the 30 'great parade of Incerti on a double attempt Punzi-Terzoni.

At the 41 'Fragni, from the left, exceeds in Nizzoli speed and serves Punzi that does not reach the impact with the ball. At the end frozen shower for the Crusades: punishment of Ottani from the limit, Bonomo manages to deflect, but the defense remains firm and Viva scores with an empty net. At rest, therefore, the situation is parity: 1-1. In the second half Parma starts again with a great sprint and already at the 1 'st goes very close to the goal with a great shot of Fontanesi replied by Incerti. At the 9 'st here is the well deserved doubling crusade: Fragni skips as two opposing pins and serves Punzi that in split bags (2-1). At 13 'st Berni hit the post with a great right from the distance.

At the 17 'st comes the trio: Galvani receives from Boselli, skips Andreotti in speed and, just entered the area, pierces Incerti on the first post (3-1). The Modenese are not there and pour into the attack: from a free kick by Martinelli, Viva tries to surprise Bonomo, but the pole prevents the goal. Now the Crusades seem to be in trouble and a non-whistled free kick for Terzoni triggers a counterattack and Nizzoli (21 'st) shortens distances (3-2). The Parma does not accuse the shot and with order begins again to play, to run the ball and the opportunities flake: to the 23 'st great right of Galvani that comes out of a nothing.

At the 24 'st is Terzoni to try from the distance, but Incerti para. The scorching-fear goal comes to the 26 'st with a free-kick by Boselli that surprises Incerti. The Crusader girls administer the result, however, going to the conclusion with Buonocore and Fontana. At 42 'st Boselli serves Lombardi who gets rid of Carpentiero, enters the area and bags on the first post, setting the result on the final 5-2. The Parma is now awaited from the last trip of the first round: on Sunday at Granarolo dell'Emilia will be a guest of Granamica with the imperative for all to remain focused to earn other 3 precious points to maintain the first position.

Gabriele Majo Giulia Galvani Andrea Bazzini after Parma PGS SMILE 02 12 2018The after-game interviews: Gabriele Majo, press and communication manager of the Youth and Women's Teams division of Parma Calcio 1913 has heard Mister Andrea Bazzini and the player Giulia Galvani:

MISTER ANDREA BAZZINI: "An important victory after a difficult game because they were all behind the ball line. We did a great first half, scoring the goal for 23 'with a bomber Punzi traversone by Giorgia Terzoni. Then on a mistake on our punishment from midfield we naively suffered a draw. In the second half, rightly, we made our result with a truly capitalized test. We are not talking about a triumphal march now, because if it happens it will be known only at the end: our path is made of one game at a time, today we have won, on Sunday Granamica Bologna is waiting for us, where we will try to make the match as we have always done until now to get the victory and keep working for our goal; it will then be the championship to decide if we will be good, deserving to finally enjoy completely for a great result. Giulia Galvani is one of those players who is wasted for this category: could, safely, be already double-digit for a while ', but if it still has not succeeded is because it does a remarkable job for the other companions of the department, much it's true that it makes a lot of goals ... "

GIULIA GALVANI: "Second consecutive goal, today for me, after having scored last Sunday: I'm happy especially for the team because we were going through a difficult moment, as we had returned to the locker room with the result of a tie. The second time we faced a real team: we remained united, we did not get discouraged, we knew we were stronger and we showed it. In the second half we started very well with the awareness, however, that even in the first half we had done very well even if no goals had arrived; in the second, in fact, they arrived and we deserved them. I'm happy both when I sign and when my companions make a goal ... "

Markers: 23 'and 9' st Punzi, 44 'Viva, 17' st Galvani, 21 'st Nizzoli, 26' st Boselli, 42 'st Lombardi

PARMA - Bonomo; Berni, Saccani (23 'st Lombardi); Boselli (44 'st Linzalata), Friars, Ngobi; Terzoni (35 'st Fontana), Fontanesi, Punzi (38' st Buonocore), Fragni (20 'st Alfieri), Galvani. All. Bazzini
Available: 12. Turzillo; 16. 19 Minors. Pizzera

PGS SMILE - Uncertain; Parmiggiani (30 'st Florini), Nizzoli; Gabrini (39 'st Brazzelli), Carpentiero, Viva; Andreotti, Martinelli, Burgio, Ottani, Cherutti. All. Arvani
Available: 12. Verri; 13. Toni, 14. Baschieri, 15. Volpi, 16. Rios

Referee: Mr. Halytskyy from Parma

Ammonite: Gabrini

PGS trainer Smile Mister Arvani moved away from the bench at 35 'st

Recovery: 1 '+ 4'

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