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Parma-New Team Ferrara 2-4. Mister Bazzini: "when the head says no, the legs do not go ..."

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Noceto, 20 April 2018 - Parma Rosa - in the recovery of the 5 ^ Return Day of the Serie C Women's Championship, staged yesterday evening, Thursday 19 April 2018 at night on the Camp "B" in summary of the "Il Noce" Sports Complex "A Noceto - does not repeat the brilliant performance last Sunday in Forlì in the presence of leaders Olimpia and in front of a New Team Ferrara more free to head, not having ambitions of ranking, plays its worst game of the season.

At least for the first 45 'left entirely to the opponents who have honored - as it should be - to the end the role of "troublemaker" at home of those who wanted to keep the second place in the ranking occupied since the beginning of the Championship and now, except for slips of the competitor Carpi-San Paolo, seriously compromised. The first quarter of an hour of the race is a study, with both teams trying out shots from a distance. To break the delay is Pirani that the 15 'is quick to recover a ball in the area, after a rebuttal of Alfieri, to overcome Lusignani. Parma struggles to create a game and to worry about the extreme opponent (at the 20 'a weak shot from afar in Ngobi), in the Gialloblù area, vice versa, Ansaloni devours the goal of doubling the 23'. It is the prelude, however, of the second Este goal that arrives at 27 'with a free kick by Martello who deceives Lusignani. Under two goals the Parma tries to react: first is Galvani at 35 '(weak shot), then at the 40' is the goalkeeper to overtake on a triple close occasion of Punzi and Frati on a corner kick.

At the 41 'Fontanesi frees himself from the mark, but his shot to cross comes out on the bottom. Same fate for the semi-overturned of Punzi at the end. At the start of the second half Parma shortened the gap immediately with Rossella Punzi who just crossed the 16 meters mock De Candia out with a lob (1-2). On the wave of enthusiasm Minari, at 6 'st, tries from outside, but his palombella crosses the crossbar. The Ferrara responds with Martello whose shot comes out a little. At the 10 'st Galvani is half-defense, but the final conclusion is not precise. The Parma, much less soft than the first fraction, continues to attack, above all, with Galvani and Punzi, but at the 29 'st, probably at the best time of the evening, comes the cold shower: Grassi, in obvious offside, exceeds Lusignani and deposita on the net (1-3), with the referee validating regardless of the protests. At the 38 'st - after just a short shot by Berni had hit the crossbar - Terzoni was able to reduce the disadvantage (2-3) with a nice personal action on the left, with a lot of dribbling to the goalkeeper and a right-footed shot on the post long. 120 seconds pass and the Ferrara takes again ahead of two nets (2-4) with the goal of Pagani who heads ahead Lusignani and closes the contest. The last game of the season will be Sunday 22 April at the Cimurri of Reggio Emilia (15.30 hours) against the Correggese, even if, wasted last night the match point, the chance to get on the second step of the podium has moved away ...

This is the comment by Mister Andrea Bazzini interviewed after the race by Gabriele Majo, responsible for the press office and communication of the Youth Sector and the Women's Squad of Parma Calcio 1913:

gabriele majo andrea bazzini after parma new team ferrara "Football is like this: if you make mistakes pay: we made a series of mistakes tonight that football does not forgive, while it was good Ferrara to deservedly win the game. Just the right spirit in the second half? Yes: it is an aspect we have to work on: we have very young girls who are perhaps 'feeling' too many commitments of this magnitude, moreover. playing second place in the league, the game had its importance. The math still does not condemn us: we still have a game that we will play in the best way. It's difficult to do a technical-tactical examination because today we gave the worst of what we could, then everything went wrong ... But football is also this: a game a year you can even think of making a mistake ... When we tried to resume the game - and at some point we had also gone out, because we were under one - the episode that must not happen happened, with a wrong call on a corner shot and we took the goal that we he cut his legs: we were 7-8 minutes that we were making a good pressure, thanks to the changes, we arrived several times in front of goal and a bit 'for bad luck and a bit' skill of the goalkeeper we could not take it back. If we had done it, as there were about ten minutes at the end, we could have risked everything for everything, but unfortunately it went so and we take responsibility. Referee happy little evening? The referee is wrong like us: at some point, in my opinion, he lost a little 'head, but there is: we must not blame the referee, we have to do an examination of conscience inside the locker room, clarify immediately the ideas because Sunday awaits us in closing the Derby and we definitely want to close in the best way. Risk of tiredness for close commitments? We certainly have different recovery times compared to men's football, but it is also true that, at the end of the season, for the work we have done, the legs should have a little more brilliance compared to what we saw tonight. Today what I liked the least was the mental attitude: when the head says no, the legs do not go. The head is fundamental: it must always say yes, always react in a proactive manner, but as I repeat it is a group, created this year, very young girls who can light up with easy enthusiasm, maybe they can go out at the first real difficulties. But this is also a moment of growth ... "


Markers: 15 'Pirani, 27' Hammer 27 ', 1' st Punzi, 29 'st Grassi, 38' st Terzoni, 40 'st Pagani

PARMA - Lusignani (Cap.); Ngoby, Saccani (6 'st Pizzera); Boselli (29 'st Berni), Friars, Alfieri; Lombardi (35 'St Lezoli), Fontanesi (26' St Terzoni), Punzi, Minari (12 'St Fontana), Galvani. All. Bazzini
Available: 12 Turzillo; 18 Buonocore

NEW TEAM FERRARA - De Candia; Doubtful (15 'st Macimenti), Braga; Ansaloni, Pirani (29 'st Pagano), Filippini S .; Fats, Pisces, Hammer (38 'st Bertelli), Clerics, Filippini F. All. Baroni

Referee: Mr. Halytskyy from Parma

Notes: Parma coach Andrea Bazzini has left the bench at the 21 'st

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