Parma women, Saturday at the 16 test match with Sassuolo spring at Massenzatico

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Collecchio, 7 December 2017 - Stop the championship for the winter break and closed the elimination in the Emilia Cup, Parma Rosa Saturday 9 December 2017 will host the Sassuolo Women for a friendly match against their Primavera team. Challenging test match for the Crusades as the opponents are currently first in the standings along with the San Zaccaria peers and in pink are several elements that played last year in Serie B.

Mister Bazzini wants to quickly forget this season finale which saw, in only two games, compromise, albeit partially, the two seasonal goals. This friendly has a nostalgic value for two current crusades - Giulia Galvani and Rebecca Saccani - who have played in Sassuolo in previous seasons and, if it will not be called in the first team, for Stella Botti, a true promise Crusade this year on loan to Sassuolo. The appointment is in Massenzatico (RE), G. Cabassi sports field, at 16.

In the picture: Giulia Galvani, former Sassuolo, now striker of Parma Women

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