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Parma-Pievecella 2-1, with final without goalkeeper

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Noceto, 8 October 2017 - Parma Rosa, thanks to a perfect first half, seven days after the affirmation of Poggio Rusco, again assures the three points - beating 2-1 the PieveCella at the "Noce" of Noceto - and the first place in the standings (6), even in cohabitation with Carpi and Olimpia Forlì. Ready and Parma immediately took the lead with bomber Punzi (1 ') after Galvani had dribbled Fantuzzi and put in the area from the edge.

The response reggiana does not wait: the 5 'Sola recovers a raise of defense, but pulls the stars to door unguarded. At the 15 'Galvani and Casino dialogue well on the right, cross of the latter, but Terzi and Punzi are disturbed and no one manages to hit the ball. At 16 'Cigarini is a great shot that Turzillo - today the debut between the posts in place of Cap. Lusignani, unavailable for low back pain, even if on the bench to make group - para with confidence. At the 18 'doubling gialloblù: solitary action of Giulia Galvani who dribbles DSC_4878Fantuzzi and guesses an unattainable trajectory for the former Grossi. At the 24 'Bandini, another ex, goes without fail after a beat and back in the area, but Ngobi, with a feline shot, manages to deflect in the corner. At the 28 'the trio seems to be done, but Punzi, on the counterattack, tries a dribble too much and the defense repairs in corner. At the 45 'always Bandini, from outside, engages Turzillo that blocks in two stages. The recovery begins again with Parma in attack, but Terzoni does not engage the passage of Galvani.

All '8' st Soragni enters area and pulls, Turzillo dive takes refuge in the corner. At the 15 'amazing Lombardi descent that skips three players, but on his cross Terzoni and Punzi do not reach us. At 34 'st Cigarini, more than suspected offside position, jumps Turzillo out desperately out that touches the ball DSC_5122with his hands: Ms. Zavanelli commences the expulsion. Unable to go between the Lusignani poles, the young striker Marika Bonomo, 15 years, suddenly becomes a goalkeeper. The specialist Federica Bandini takes the free-kick and scores. Parma, although in ten, does not break up and continues to attack to close the match. At the 39 'st the young Alfieri retrieves ball on the trocar and makes a great goal that the referee (who has not very convinced the supporters Gialloblù) does not validate for an alleged foul on the opponent's defender. Pizzera screams at the 43 'st, but the ball ends up on the outside of the net. At 90 'Ngobi starts from his area, four opponents jump in speed and Soragni to stop it must grab her shirt.

With expired time Sola receives from Blommaert and pulls from a good position, but it is not precise and the ball goes to the back. Victory suffered, in the final, but never questioned. A note of merit to Galvani (author of a goal and an assist) and to the whole defense that with Turzillo, Ngobi, Frati, Saccani, Lombardi and Alfieri proved to be practically insuperable.

This is the comment by Mister Andrea Bazzini:

Mister Andrea Bazzini after parma pieve cella "It is another positive piece of our work. The team did well: an almost perfect first half, in the second we had some more difficulties because they were more combative and we suffered more. We closed the first half on 2-0, thanks to two excellent goals: the first was a bomber robbery Punzi, on a very good right-hand cross from Galvani, she went to the head and was 1-0; the second one was a personal action by Galvani herself, who freed herself very well in the penalty area, and with the right wing made a great goal under seven, to cross. I'm really satisfied with the first half, very good both as intensity and type of play; the girls were always proactive, they tried to reach the conclusion through the game; in the second half we had to change something: unfortunately it is a period that does not tell us well even with injuries and so we are always a bit 'in trouble even with the changes. Then there was also the problem of the expulsion of the goalkeeper: the Manu (Turzillo, now a substitute between the poles of the unavailable Lusignani, nda) has behaved well, made some very good saves. She was on her debut, she is a young girl: she did everything that a goalkeeper has to do, in fact, even something more ... On the expulsion she was very good at getting out of the area and saving a practically made goal. The arbitrator rightly applied the regulation and expelled it. And so, since Lusignani could not enter because it was really blocked, we put one of the girls who has a past as a goalkeeper in his place (striker 15enne Marika Bonomo, nda). You did what you could do: unfortunately on the punishment of Bandini we were not very lucky. But for the rest, in ten we were clever and smart to manage the game and defend ourselves well. The girls were ordered, unfortunately we also had to throw some ball out of the fray not to suffer and be able to breathe a little '. We do not like playing like that, but at that point the three points were too important. Football is made of results and if they come through the game and the construction of the game well, but sometimes we must also think about going to the point and we are in a moment of growth in which we must try to do well, above all, from the point of view of the result. Today we enjoy this victory, which is the second and we hope well for the future ".

This is the comment of Captain Elena Minari:

Elena Minari after parma pieve cell "My personal test? Sometimes good, sometimes not very well: I pay a lot of heat, but I think I can recognize the fact that I never give up, so I still had at the end and I managed to bring it forward. Particular match against the former Bandini, Grossi, and Soragni? as far as I'm concerned, the emotions disappear immediately as soon as I enter the field. It 's true: the day before we think, and so even just before the game, but then become players like the others. For me it is so and I think for my companions, including those who played against these our former companions. There is respect, certainly, but you do not look in anyone's face. And then with Pieve Cella it is a derby that I feel particularly, since I'm a fan, so the derby with any team from Reggio I hear them all ... ".


Markers: 1 'Punzi, 18' Galvani, 35 'st Bandini

PARMA - Turzillo; Saccani (35 'st Bonomo), Ngobi; Alfieri, Boselli, Casino (1 'st Pizzera); Galvani (11 'st Frati), Terzoni (30' st Cagossi), Punzi (44 'st Fontana), Minari, Lombardi. All. Bazzini
Do not enter: Lusignani, Fontanesi

SPORTING PIEVECELLA - Grossi; Matera (38 'st Soragni), Razzano (44' St Uccellini); Piccinini, Fantuzzi, Iodice; Bonacini (1 'St Blommaert), Folloni, Cigarini (37' St Riolo), Sola, Bandini. All. Saracca
Do not enter: Ficili, Mora

Referee: Ms Zavanelli from Parma

Expelled: Turzillo at 34 'st for control with the hands outside the penalty area. Among the poles, unavailable Lusignani (back pain) went forward Marika Bonomo, 15enne.

Ammonite: Punzi, Alfieri, Fantuzzi, Soragni

Author: draftingEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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