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Friendly with the Senna glory, mocked crusades in the final (2-1)

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Senna Lodigiana, 2 September 2017 - Parma Women, in its first outing of the season, was defeated only in the daring final, after playing a good game, enjoying the applause of the public convinced. In the first half you play in only one half of the field, that of the owners of the Senna Gloria, training enrolled in the next series D, born from the merger of two local teams, with Terzoni and Boselli who go to shoot striking piles and crosses.

The Parma appears very fast on the side and well concentrated in defense, even if Beatrice Lusignani - goalkeeper elected captain - makes a pair of beautiful parades. At the 33 'Lombardi receives from Terzoni enters the area and scored the first goal with the Crusade jersey reaffirming on the net after the previous dismissed by Gianotti.

In the second half turning and substitutions and now the result seemed definitive here is the deadly one-two Lombard: at 38 'st Turzillo goes badly on Alessia Pagani, who equalizes from the spot. At the 40 'st the mocking goal: Pagani, unseen by the referee, pushes Pizzera that crashes to the ground colliding with Turzillo out, while the ball slowly enters the door ... Beyond the final episodes, the performance of all is still good the Crusades: a deeply refounded group that for the first time played together, after the first week of training, already showing good amalgamation and harmony.

This is the comment of the coach Andrea Bazzini interviewed, at the end of the race, by the press and communication manager of the youth sector of Parma Calcio 1913 Gabriele Majo:
"All in all we did well: things have been better, others less, but considering that we are training for seven days we can draw some positive considerations that make us hope for the future. We must take what they have done: a dozen of these girls had never played together. We have to be motivated and have a lot of respect and consideration of our girls, so I asked them to applaud. Today the three points were not in play, even if we always go out to collect positive results and to win we can accept this defeat, aware of having caught three woods, having changed eleven players, some of them are a little 'back of preparation, having done only two days; little is known among them. I would say that there are extenuating circumstances. And then, the episode of the goal taken in the final was rather casual and fortuitous: we have silently lost a ball in midfield, it triggered their restart, we have not climbed well with the markings, and more 'was the call between the goalkeeper and the defender who collided, the latter, however, pushed by an opponent, but the referee was placed badly and has not seen and so the ball is over the net. The referees are there and they are wrong like us ... But tonight, I go back to repeat, we hit three stakes, some good choral action has been seen, even with good play. Keep in mind that we have several fifteen-year-old players: having fifteen-year-olds who clash with girls already formed in age is no small thing. And we had good answers ... ".


Markers: 33 'Lombardi, 38' st (rig.) And 40 'st Al. Pagani

SENNA GLORIA - Gianotti; Zisa, Cervini; Pagani Angela, Di Fresco (from 10 'st Macciotti), Grecchi; Pagani Francesca, Leo, Pea (from 2 'st Zarate), Rossi (from 2' st Pagani Alessia), Sulo (from 22 'st Bronzoni).
Available: Tivoli, Romagnosi Cremonesi, Preda, Nuca

PARMA - Lusignani (from 15 'st Turzillo); Berni (from 1 st 'Pizzeria), Ngobi; Fontanesi, Casino (from 1 'st Fontana), Lezoli (from 1' st. Frati); Saccani (from 1 'st Buonocore), Terzoni (from 1' st Alfieri), Boselli, Lombardi (from 15 'st Bonomo), Minari (from 18' st 'Sartori). All. Bazzini

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