Friday, January 24 2020
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Under 19, Parma 4 ranked at the 1 ° "Citta 'di Felino" tournament

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Felino, 28 Maggio 2019 - Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 Maggio 2019, at the Sports Center "Ninetto Bonfanti" of Felino took place the 1 tournament "City of Felino" of women's football dedicated to the Under 19 category. The GS FELINO, organizing company, must be complimented because the competition was of absolute level for the category: besides Parma, in fact, Sassuolo and Bologna were registered (both participants last spring at the Viareggio Women's Cup, the first even finalists) , Brescia, Fiamma Monza and Tavagnacco (who played the quarter finals in the Poule Scudetto a couple of weeks ago).

The premises for two days of good football were all there and the expectations were fully respected. The large audience that challenged the turbulence of the goals had the opportunity to evaluate the exponential growth in technical and tactical level of football "in pink" of our home and beyond.

On Saturday 25 the rounds of the "A" and "B" rounds took place, deciding the grid of the Semifinals and the final 5 ° / 6 ° place on Sunday. Parma was included in Girone "A" with Bologna and Brescia. In the first race (2 times from 25 ′ cad.) With the Bolognese the tile of the injury to Nicole Pizzera immediately forces the girls of Mr. Roberto Dellapina, already counted enough in numerical level, to double their efforts, especially in the central area of ​​the field . The Crusades suffer, but come out with a good draw (first seasonal result in many matches played in the season) without ever risking too much. The second race, decisive for the ranking, sees Parma face Brescia, already defeated by the rossoblu 1-0. Already in the opening the Parma seems to have a march in more of the adversaries and it succeeds in passing immediately (3 ′) with Marta Baccanti excellently served by a very inspired Ermonela Ejelli. In the second half there are also the seals of Giulia Soncini (7 ′ st) and Rita Marseglia (23 ′ st) for the 3-0 final which gives Parma the first place in the group and the Semifinal with Sassuolo.

The race on Sunday morning sees the Crusades throw their heart over the obstacle against a strong opponent, defending themselves in an orderly manner and without a blackout and trying to start off again on the break. After an extra time the score is still 0-0, so penalty kicks are needed to declare the finalist: after a first mistake from Zanni's spot, the guests are not wrong anymore, in Parma only Sara Berni and Marta Baccanti score. , but only after Martina Galloni (a goalkeeper owned by Parma on loan to Sassuolo) had neutralized the previous executions, not really perfect, of Giulia Scaffardi and Naike Naummi. And so the 4-2 promotes the former Reggio Emilia, but the applause at Parma at the end of the meeting is more than ever deserved. After this enormous expenditure of physical and mental energy, in the afternoon the Crusades play the third place again with the usual Bologna that this time manages to get the better of taking advantage of one of the few defensive lapses in the whole weekend: at the 17 ′ Rambaldi collects an assist from Zanetti and beats Ravanetti with a mocking touch of his knee. In the second half the Crusades crush on the accelerator and Giulia Campanini has on the right the ball of the draw that probably would have sent Parma to extra time (and / or penalties), but weakly kicks and Benassi para effortlessly, just as he ends a little wide. punishment, at the end, of Marta Baccanti. The result does not change, the Bologna wins 0-1 and Parma, in this way, closes in fourth place, but with the awareness of having demonstrated to be able to stay at a good level of category. Satisfaction also for the prize of best goalkeeper of the Tournament (which Sassuolo won by beating Tavagnacco in the final after the penalties) went to Matilde Ravanetti, author of really sensational interventions.

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