Juniores, Parma Female defeated in Bologna

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Bologna, 4 March 2019 - Afternoon to forget, for the Junior Women's Under 19 training of Parma Women, the one lived on the natural grass field "Cavina 1" of Bologna, Saturday 2 March 2019, for the 3 ^ Day of the Championship Return Round Regional Category: what should have been little more than a workout sees the Crusades come out with "broken bones" under different points of view: that of the result, of course, (3-0 for the landlords), but also provisions disciplinary to be discounted and injured for a contest played with an adversary registered (having also another formation in the same tournament) out of the standings.

The more than questionable choice of the Regional Committee to admit teams outside the classification, however, making the disciplinary measures, was born with the intention of expanding the women's movement, giving space to as many players as possible, but Saturday it ended up that the Bologna, without breaking any rules, was able to field a formation composed for 8 / 11 by players usually involved in the team registered "in the standings". And so what the ducal staff had intended as an excellent opportunity to give minutes in the legs to players so far less used, resting others more often inserted, has been transformed, also considered the rivalry between the two teams in a rather borderline battle .

Parma Rosa U 19 adds to the already long list of absentees of the previous race against Sassuolo also Tommasini and Baccanti, in addition to the extreme defender Ravanetti, stopped for a nuisance in the calf. Considering that the other goalkeeper in pink, Virginia Tamborlani, is still convalescent after a surgical operation on the door ends Giada Sartori, usually a player of movement, which among the poles, however, does not disfigure showing any effective intervention "to the Garella."

The race director, Mrs. Modafferi, does not appear on one of her best days and allows the landlords to score first (4 '), and then double (39'), again with Pallotta, with actions spoiled by widely irregular positions . All in all, however, in the first half Parma does not disfigure and found, three round disqualification, an excellent Rita Marseglia that after half an hour, having overcome with drunken dribbling four opponents with an irresistible personal action, finally sees the cross deny the joy of goals. But around the 20 'it was already understood that the day would not have been happier: Captain Eleonora Ceci and Giulia Soncini fortuitously collide in a very hard plane contrast and after a few minutes of waiting we decide to transport the hospital to investigations.

In the second half you play little: the Crociatine appear shaken for what happened to the companions and fall into the trap of some unnecessary provocation of the landlords: to pay the costs is Giada Robuschi that verbally reacts and is expelled to 31 'st and so, little after, (34 'st) Bologna makes tris with Schipa. The only good news comes around the 21.30 when Soncini and Ceci are dismissed by the Major of Bologna. Now the Crusades will have to cancel this daring afternoon and already from Thursday 7 March get back on track in anticipation of 4 ^ Day against San Marino which will begin at 17.15 on the Synthetic Field "Quirino Zanichelli" of the complex Polarisportive Stuard "Ferruccio Bellè" in San Pancrazio (PR), when they will try to redeem the cool 6-3 in the recovery of the first leg.

This at the end of the meeting is the comment by Mister Roberto Dellapina, interviewed by Gabriele Majo, responsible for the press office and communication of the Youth Sector and the Women's Squad of Parma Calcio 1913:

roberto dellapina after bologna b parma 02 03 2019 "Bologna has felt the air of Derby and so he drew several players to his training A while this is a classic race: we, on the contrary, we tried to do a little 'more than experience of players who had played a little less so far. Among other things, we had to improvise even the role of the goalkeeper. We have interpreted the race as we had and we found ourselves playing with Bologna A with some players who play on a permanent basis even with their first team ...

We did the experience anyway, and the girls were well beaten: on this field, just with the Bologna A we had a lot of troubles in the Round of Go and also considering the absence of several of our important players within the team, we did very well. In the first half we also missed a bit of good luck, because on a sensational action in Marseglia the crossbar prevented us from equalizing. Then the race slipped away in some way: without wanting to complain, but there were incredible gaps in the direction of the race, with gross errors that end up conditioning the race. There were some of our players today who played a wonderful race: they were combative from the first to the last minute, putting in the field all their availability and even ideas.

So surely a step forward, in terms of experience, has been made, but it is clear that now we have a certain expectation for what will be the match we will play in Parma, always with Bologna, which will soon arrive. But my thought at this time goes mainly to our two players, Ceci and Soncini, who clashed during the first half and for reasons completely precautionary we thought it was appropriate to have them checked in the hospital to check that there were no further problems . Our attention is turned to this: then all that has happened patience: patience the referee, patience the poor fair play of Bologna. Everyone talks about trying to improve the movement of women's football, but if then, the performers are the first to give this kind of signal, I would say that will struggle hard to grow this football rose ... "

Markers: 4 'and 39' Pallotta, 34 'st Schipa

BOLOGNA "B" - 1. Benassi; 2. Giuliano, 3. Becchimanzi; 4. Rondelli, 5. Cattaneo, 6. Bugamelli, 7. Pallotta, 8. Rambaldi, 9. Schipa, 10. Zanetti, 11. Hassanaine; 12. Bolognini, 13. Moscow, 14. Berselli, 15. Ponds, 16. Patelli. All. Gino

PARMA - 1. Sartori; 2. Zolesi, 3. Soncini; 4. Robuschi, 5. Scaffardi (V. Cap.), 6. Vasirani; 7. Aiolfi, 8. Celiberti, 9. Ferrari, 10. Ceci (Cap.), 11. Marseglia; 13. Woods, 14. Bussolati, 15. Campanini, 16, Cataldi, 17. Tolentino, 18. Trollesi. All. Dellapina

Referee: Sig.a Modafferi of Bologna

Expelled: 31 'st Robuschi

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