Monday, March 30 2020
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Cesena female spring makes the report of the first part of the season

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Positive the first part of the season for the National Spring of Mister Elvio SANNA that has put on show good players some of which are ready for launch in the first team as early as next year.

Last week the first round of the Primavera championship ended and, surprisingly, Cesena has caused quite a stir in the women's youth environment because the bianconeri girls face this difficult tournament with 3 years less than all the other teams.
The girls are honoring to the end a very positive championship showing off against any opponent a proactive kick and nice to see from the technical point of view.

There are some beautiful individualities and during the season a good part of players had the chance to train with the first team.
Very young girls who already tread the fields of the National B series and who have burned the stages also winning a place in the first team and in the Italian National as Elena Battistini, or as the Calli and Bizzocchi who have put on show important skills for their young age proving to grow and improve very day after day, almost always part of the B group.

Spring vital source of Cesena Female and in addition to the three already mentioned has made available to the first team also other young promises such as De Carli, Balzani, Spada, Iacchini and Bernardi of which they say a great good and who have already made the debut in first team not disfiguring for nothing.
From January there will be three more young and valuable insertions, wanted by Mister Sanna for the Primavera Damiano and Conti class 2004 and Monti class 2005, which come directly from the very young; sign of a Juventus youth sector that is working very well.

Cesena 29 December 2018

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