Monday, January 27 2020
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Primavera: Cesena, a strong victory at the Ravenna Women's home

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Cesena Primavera on the fourth day of the National Championship, tearing in the first derby of its history a victory for 6 0 on the field of Ravenna Woman, fully confirming the progress of the last period.

At Massimo Soprani of San Zaccaria an aggressive team showed up right away and at the first minute a Battistini cross did not find for a matter of millimeters the deviation to the net of the Bianconeri strikers, with the defense completely delayed from Ravenna.

It is immediately clear that today's race will be very tough for the lionesses in Ravenna.
The Cesena is the owner of the field, continues to attack and play in speed and for the horse the goals are flapping that the home defense barely manages to control the continuous attacks and bianconeri 17 minutes from 6 '23' suffer the triplet of a wild Battistini who is confirming what is good about her.

The Bianconeri of Mister Sanna never dome, continue to press the home team and before the rest is the fourth network with the phenomenon Porcarelli who realizes from the eleven meters a penalty granted by the referee for a foul from behind on the same attacker launched to the network.
You go in the locker room on the result of Ravenna FC Woman 0 Cesena FC 4.

Shooting the Cesena enters the field more perky than ever and plays as if the race was stationary on 0 0, after repeated occasions missed goals per minute 71 'and 73' Porcarelli signs two goals for the second hat-trick of the day.
At the end of the match for the coach of Cesena Elvio Sanna the satisfaction is great: - "It's a very important victory that goes to confirm the improvements that the team is doing match after match, we managed to play well on a tough field like that of Ravenna. today was a tough and delicate trip and impose itself in the derby confirms what good we are doing. A big applause goes to the girls who have done a test of character, very good all especially the fourteen Spada who has found a jersey holder and unlined a capital performance.

We feel the little Sword: "I'm very happy I did not expect to start the race but I'm training well and I thank the coach for giving me this opportunity, already take the field was very good to get out of the ground and receive the compliments of everyone goes to beyond every rosy expectation.

Ex the day the talented Muratori, the young this year at Cesena comes from Ravenna, two words from her: "very happy to have reviewed my old friends, then once on the field were only opponents as it is right that it is . We played a great game on a difficult field, winning deservedly.

Markers: 6'-13'-23 'Battistini, 45' rigor -71'-73 'Porcarelli.

Cicci, Amadori, Omokaro, Matteucci, Cinque, Giovagnoli, Orsenigo, Benelli, Jaszczyszyn, Stradaroli, Raggi.-
Available Ballardini, Ercolani, Severi, Campi, Mele, Mirabello, Sabelli.-
G. FOSCHI coach

Labianca, Casalboni, Balzani, De Carli, Calli, Battistini, Spada, Bizzocchi, Porcarelli, Muratori, Iacchini.-
Available to Ceki, Giuliani, Mengozzi, Sorci, Felicità, Casadei, Lucchi.-
E. SANNA trainer

San Zaccaria (RA) 11 November 2018

Franco Scolozzi Press Officer Cesena FC Female

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