Thursday, February 26, 2015
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The Female Avalanche Juventus lands on the San Bernardo Luserna

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Just a few seconds to the Primavera Femminile Juventus are enough to unblock the result: on a pattern probably tried during training, Bodini's throw to skip the defense of Luserna, controls the ball Erika Nicolò and puts it on goal. The St. Bernard Luserna tries a weak reaction but prevails again Female Juventus that after a few minutes goes back into the goal, this time is the other outside to conclude the network: Morgana Toson.

The rivalry between the two teams is very high, it is a challenge that for many years has been key for the final victory of the championship.
It seems to be the beginnings of the times of play to bring badly to Luserna: in fact, after a few minutes from the beginning of the second half it is again the Juventus team to go in goal, again with Toson probably thanks to an oversight of the opposing defense. The San Bernardo Luserna seems frightened by the result and almost unable to react, Verzino, Juventus goalkeeper has touched the ball very few times.

The girls of mister Barbierato continue to put grit and heart in the game and after a few minutes are back to sign, but this time from the stand the goal seems offside in fact rumor opponents, both from the tribune that the field but the referee considers it regular, is Giulia Gaza number nine bianconera to conclude behind Bergo Lorena that has no particular faults, Juventus in fact crown with the network a beautiful action, almost as a manual, which is in fact applauded by all the public present.

This Juventus, however, seems unstoppable and hungry for goals, around the middle of the second half in fact Bergo must again recover the ball from his network, this time the signing puts the number ten bianconera Chiara Korea with an excellent right to the fly from the limit of ' area, again started from a ball to bypass the opposing defense, concludes to the network.

So ends the game with the girls of Mr. Barbierato who seem to not want to give even a meter to opponents despite often try to build but appear a little 'subdued and almost devoid of ideas, their every attempt is thwarted by this excellent performance of zebras.

Juventus Women's: Verzino, Scarabello, Malaspina, Fasella, Spaggiari, Korea, Bodini, Mantello, Toson, Gaza, Nicolò
Available: Greek, Macellan, Azer, Nepote, Petrilli.

San Bernardo Luserna: Bergo, Turrini, Marchino, Ara, Scrivano, Saito, Casetta, Canzoneri, Prencipe, Pasquariello, Archinà
Available: Rullo, Vignanello, Fionda, Pecoraro, Capello.

Miriana Cardinale

Miriana Cardinale
Author: Miriana CardinaleEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sent to the field of Juventus



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