Mister Federico Casadei: fascinated by the reality of Riccione Calcio Femminile

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New face to the technical guide of the Junores Under 19 category of the Riccione Calcio Femminile, Federico Casadei, from Rimini, Uefa B coach, coming from the Poliano Junior Coriano. After hanging his shoes at the nail in the 2006, Casadei held the role of coach in the green line of the Corianese club for ten years, then the will of new challenges led him to Riccione.

Casadei a new adventure in women's football, the one that is living in Riccione.

"I was fascinated by the reality of the Riccione Calcio Femminile, beautiful structure, excellent staff, a lot of organization and desire to grow to achieve important goals.It's exciting for me to train these girls, the competitive spirit is not lacking, compare with other teams to win points up for grabs, it is proving very beautiful and engaging.The players want to do, to learn, are dedicated to the work that is proposed, is very stimulating for me, the feelings are really positive ".

What are the seasonal goals?
"I have to say that at the base there is a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of passion, a uniform and high level technical baggage Our team is a cantera, the will is to train players to see them play in the first team, there is synergy Among our teams and among the various categories, there is obviously our championship, where we find important and well-equipped teams, we aim high, without forgetting the fun that you must never miss in football, I'm sure we can reach excellent results "goals.

A baptism with Sassuolo Calcio Femminile, what do you expect from this challenge?
"All the girls are working very well and they are available, some of them are called in the first team and we are very happy about this, it is our goal.A start with a bang, personally I do not know the reality of Sassuolo, I gathered information but We live this championship beginning without fear, I do not put pressure on girls, we think about ourselves, without worrying about who we are up against, we give everything, others have to worry about us, not vice versa I know the quality of this team, I know that we can do well ".

Carlotta D'Aprile '98, Naima Barocci' 00, Francesca Generali '02, Chiara Fornari' 03, Francesca Semprini '99, Martina Bartolini' 99, Aurora Forastieri '01, Nina Ligi' 02, Marzia Zazzeroni '01, Nicole Ciavatta' 02, Nicole Arcangeli '03, Roberta Frison' 02, Giulia Sanchi '04, Amber Serenelli' 00, Chiara Ricci '04, Rigeira Rigersa' 04, Anna Garbugli '01, Chiara Bagli' 00.

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