Monday, May 11 2015
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Pellegrinelli and Anghileri sign the equal between Chievo and Atalanta

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networks: Pellegrinelli (A) to 5 'and Pirone (CV) to 29' pt; Faccioli (CV) at 23 'and Anghileri (A) at 32' st

Chievo Vr (4-3-1-2): GRITTI; MASCANZONI Daina; ZANOLETTI, FACCIOLI, LEDRI; FUSELLI SARDU, MASCANZONI Debora; BONI (from 38 'st RIBOLDI); TARENZI (from 46 'st MASON), PIRONE. Allocate Emiliano Bonazzoli. Available: Sargenti, Motta, Salamon, Varriale and Tardini.

Atalanta (4-3-3): Lemey; MANDELLI, VITALE, RIZZON (from 7 'st ZANOLI), LAZZARI; SCARPELLINI, STRACCHI, RE; PELLEGRINELLI (from 19 'st CACCAMO), MARTINOVIC (from 30' st ANGHILERI), KELLY. Michele Ardito All. Available: Salvi, Fusar Poli, Marchesi and Ghisi.

Referee: Luca Baldelli of Reggio Emilia; assistants: Laura Cordani and Emanuele Santoruvo from Piacenza.

Note: Hot and sunny day. Artificial grass field. Present around 150 viewers. Recovery: 2 '+ 4'. Ammonite: Rizzon (A) to 33 'pt; Deb. Mascanzoni (CV) at 11'e at 34'e Faccioli at 23 'st Espulsa: Debora Mascanzoni (CV) at 34' st for double admonition.

CHIEVO ATA martinovc kelly

The Bergamo players return from Verona with only one point, but on balance, they have made a golden point and have to keep tight. The girls of Mr. Ardito are unable to repeat the feat of Rome and slam against a fierce Chievo who tried in vain those three points that would have probably meant the mortgage on salvation two days from the end. A beautiful sun choreographed the challenge between the Clivensi and Bergamo areas. With Piaczzi and Jordan unavailable, Mr. Ardito confirms on the right the young Mandelli after the good Roman test. There is no Colombo, engaged with the national under 19 and the coach from Bergamo then lined up from the first minute Pellegrinelli in the trident with Martinovic and Kelly. Emiliano Bonazzoli also made changes in the backlog package and presented Daiana Mascanzoni right-back and Zanoletti and central Faccioli. In midfield Fuselli acts as a right wing, while the attack rests on the former mozzanichesi Tarenzi and Pirone with the eternal Boni as support.

The race is going live right from the start. The Venetians need points to get away from the relegation zone, the Bergamo team instead want to defend fifth place, still threatened by Sassuolo and Florentia. At 5 'the guests take the lead on the first real occasion: Kelly receives and feeds in the Pellegrinelli corridor that crosses perfectly and passes Gritti, slipping it on the far pole. The goal immediately sounds like an alarm clock for the Gialloblù who react by taking the game ball. At the 14 'Tarenzi takes the draw on Pirone's perfect assist, but the flag of the assistant Santoruvo is high. Shortly after Sardu from the limit, he tries a shot, but the conclusion is too central. The clubs grow with the passing of the minutes and at the 18 'they are still dangerous, with the usual Pirone coming out on the left and crossing low for Tarenzi's outside before finding the door. At the 22 'Martinovic has an incredible opportunity on the King's shore, his header from close range is being flayed by Gritti on the goal line, on the continuation of the action Kelly picks up and kicks safely, Martinovic diverts into the net, but from an irregular position. At the 25 'Tarenzi does a door-kick with Rizzon and can go to close range shooting, but his cannon shot at the near post is deflected for a corner by Lemey. The game is full of turnovers: at the 27 'on the development of a corner kick, the ball rejected by the defense comes from the parts of Scarpellini who shoots just a little high. At the 29 'the landlords reach a draw: Daiana Mascanzoni crosses in the middle, Boni shoots on the fly, on the trajectory there is Pirone who touches just enough to put Lemey on. Kelly at the 34 'tries with his left foot from outside, but the shot is high. At the end of the match King has a good chance, but his turn is rejected with his back by a defender a few steps from the door defended by Gritti.

Rizzon, who appeared to be in obvious difficulty after a blow received around the 20 ', gave the field to Zanoli who took a position on the left, with Lazzari moving to the center. The race appears more balanced, tactics reigns, but lucidity is lacking on both sides. At the 19 'Mr. Ardito plays the Caccamo card that takes over from Pellegrinelli. At the 23 ', however, the clubs move forward: Tarenzi's strength is conquered a corner, from the flag Valentina Boni fishing on the first pole Faccioli that anticipates all and shoves Lemey. The doubling is a cold shower for Bergamo's and Mr. Ardito decides at the 30 'to make the last change, inserting Anghileri for Martinovic. And two minutes later the young Bergamo striker repays his coach: Zanoletti and Gritti messing around on the edge of the area, Anghileri slips between the two local players, stealing the ball before depositing it comfortably in the unguarded door. The resounding indecision of the Venetian defense that paves the way for the pocket-sized Nerazzurri striker who scores a robbery goal for the "Paolo Rossi". Emiliano Bonazzoli sent on to 38 'Riboldi for Boni, but shortly after Debora Mascanzoni got the second yellow card and returned prematurely to the locker room, leaving her companions in ten. Despite the numerical superiority, the Bergamasques are not able to get hold of the median. In the now-expired time the Nerazzurri have one last chance to get the win: Scarpellini wins a punishment on the right, Stracchi brush on Vitale's head who totally misses the impact one meter from the door, effectively ending the contest. It ends with a draw that certainly sounds better than a defeat for both teams, but that does not take away the chestnuts from the Venetian fire, forced to win the derby with Hellas next Saturday, while the Atalantines remain strong in fifth place, but they see the Sassuolo approaching that in Wednesday's advance has incredibly conquered the three points against Juventus. It's a compelling championship, to be enjoyed until the last breath.


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