Friday, January 17 2020
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Italian National

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Beat the strong Nipponica formation for 1 to 0. Great goal by Gazzoli. the women's National team won the first "Molise Region" tournament. The Italians of Pietro Ghedin, who had defeated Scotland in the previous match, gathered the applause and the approval of the large audience present, who also celebrated the inauguration of the new synthetic plant "Alessandro Del Prete" in Venafro, where ? held the meeting.

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8 AND 12 MARCH AGAINST SCOTLAND AND JAPAN Scotland and Japan on the National Women's Road. Will the Italians of Pietro Ghedin meet them on Wednesday? 8 March in Isernia (Le Piane stadium, 11 hours) and Sunday 12 in Venafro (Del Prete stadium, 15 hours) as part of the "Molise Region" Tournament. Two preparatory races in view of the world qualifications that will resume the 29 March against Greece. For the occasion, the technical commissioner Petro Ghedin has convened twenty-two Azzurre who will meet in Rome on Sunday 5 March and Monday? afternoon (after having supported a double training session) they will leave for Isernia.

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The Technical Commissioner Mr. Pietro Ghedin has called the following players and collaborators for the meeting to be held? in Rome from 12 to 15 February 2006: Boni Valentina, Brunozzi Carla, Camporese Elisa, Carpino Chiara, Cassanelli Cristina, Cupido Michela, Gabbiadini Melania, Gazzoli Chiara, Greco Michela, Manieri Raffaella, Marchitelli Chiara, Marsico Teresina Lina, Masia Margherita Gioia, Nasuti Giulia, Paliotti Venusia, Panico Patrizia, Perelli Giulia, Rosciani Elisa, Schiavi Viviana, Serra Katia, Squizzato Claudia, Tavalazzi Daniela, Tona Elisabetta and Tuttino Alessia. Athletic trainer: Tommaso Ferroni Federal doctor: Lorenzo Ticca Federal masseur: Claudio Bozzetti

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VENTIQUATTRO AZZURRE RETURNS IN THE FIELD: FROM SUNDAY IN RETREAT AND STAGE OF THREE DAYS Three days of meeting for the National Women's Team of Pietro Ghedin to train? at the "La Borghesiana" Sports Center in Rome Monday? 16, marted? 17 and Wednesday? 18 January. Ventiquattro Azzurre have been called by the technical commissioner, who is continuing the preparation in view of the next qualifying race for the World Championships in the category scheduled for the 29 March against Greece. These are the Azzurre summoned by Ghedin who will meet on Sunday in Rome by 20:

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