Friday, January 17 2020
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Cyprus Cup ... hail on Mexico!

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After a first half ended with the slightest advantage for the network at the 45 'of Bergamaschi, our national team, at the debut of the Cyprus Cup against Mexico, in the second half has overwhelmed the opponents by making four other networks of excellent workmanship, mainly because they were built with beautiful choral actions.
A game that never got out of hand, to the girls of Milena Bertolini, but in the first part of the race did not produce the expected results for some errors in the construction of the game in the last 20 meters, a bit of imprecision in the door, but also thanks to a Mexican defense always careful and gritty.

After a great parade of our goalkeeper Giuliani at the 14 'who skilfully deflected a close shot of Martinez, our blue have had at least three very occasional to take the lead, all from 24' to 26 ', one with Mauro and two with Girelli , but the goalkeeper and the defense of Mexico with great difficulty have always put a piece! Bellamaschi's beautiful network at the end after a flying exchange with Guagni and Girelli, splendid heel assists of our 10 number and the Rossoneri point does not fail the target ... more than deserved advantage!

The recovery begins immediately ... under a hail, fortunately arrived after the second blue network signed by Bonansea, but "built" with a great descent on the right from Bergamaschi this time as assistant!
After a suspension of about ten minutes due to heavy rain mixed with hail, the meeting resumed with the blue still very proactive and at the 66 'comes the third network on the axis Guagni, Girelli, Mauro with the purple bomber that with a " shot below "puts the ball behind the extreme Mexican defender. On a field soaked in water our blue have no problems even in the construction of the game and flock other occasions before arriving at poker with Giacinti just took over Mauro: Bonansea goes down on the right, the shot of Juventus bomber is deflected by the goalkeeper and Giacinti deposits the sphere in the unguarded door. The fifth network at 78 'is thanks to the Milanese duo Sabatino-Giacinti, the latter received ball in the middle of the area from the partner has no difficulty in overcoming the Mexican goalkeeper!

It is clear that today's opponent was already at an affordable prediction, but certainly our national team was good both in the continuous search for the construction of a better and more effective game and in the recovery also in realizing the opportunities that have happened.

Next engagement for our national team 1 March against Hungary, another interesting test for our azoles in preparation for the French World Cup ... The start of the tournament was positive, maybe Mister Bertolini will try in the next matches new solutions, he will try other players, other schemes ... we'll see the important thing is to arrive in June in the best physical condition possible, but also mental!

Mario Merati

Mario Merati
Author: Mario MeratiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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