Sunday, 19 January 2020
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I do not understand the gender difference in general ...

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mallardi lucia gender
I do not understand the gender difference in general, I do not understand how to distinguish between the right to practice any activity, based on a person's sex.
Let's take as an example the right to practice a sport at a professional level. We are all able to practice any activity if we want to.
For example, if we take the girls of 6 for years and train them to create a football team by training them and following them creating a project, they will surely be able to play football just like their male counterparts.
In the USA football It is seen as a sport for women and children, but this does not preclude the fact that men can play this sport and become professionals too.
It is completely normal for boys and girls to practice this sport together. And why should not it be ?!

A sport as popular as football, it is normal that they want to practice it in many and even Italy should adapt in this sense, given that the football culture is expressly religious faith.

Still in Italy one hears, from some, the fact that football is not a sport for women. Even today many little girls do not approach this sport because they are discriminated against by their male companions or because families prevent them from practicing this "sport too much for men".

But then, as it is possible that in other countries of the world, where you have created specific projects to make this sport grow, girls trained since childhood have then become professional athletes and it seems that these WOMEN KICKS are able to play football at professional levels like men's colleagues?!?

Well, what happens in Italy about women's football, it would seem a gender discrimination! In all Northern European countries women's football is much more developed and has continued growth margins compared to the countries of southern Europe and in particular Italy. It will be because they are more feminist countries in which gender equality is much more felt ?! Is it because they are not influenced by a male-dominated culture that unfortunately locks women's football to a marginal position at a national and international level? Take Germany for example. Country where I live and play football.

In Germany, from 15 years to now, a very precise women's football project has been set up by the federation and the results can be seen. Two World Cups won, eight Europeans and one Olympics, conquered for the first time by the German team this very summer in the final against Sweden (another country where women's football is very developed and in which women's rights are a very important topic heard).
In short, in these parts, it would seem that women's football is growing more and more and more girls are approaching this sport.
As is the case for the male professional categories, the Deutsche Fußball Verband (German football federation) gives each year a sum of money to the Bundesliga and 2 Bundesliga women's teams, according to their needs and perspectives, to organize the season. And we do not talk about derisory sums!
Of course, the difference between women's football and men's football and between Bundesliga and 2 Bundesliga in terms of investments is abysmal. Obviously, in addition, companies must have Sponsors supporting them to be competitive in their respective championships.

The contracts of players in the Bundesliga, are professions or semi-professional, according to agreements that decide to stipulate the players in conjunction with the clubs for which they play.
Salaries are certainly lower than those of male footballers, but we continue to work constantly so that this movement grows and decreases gender differences even at the level of earnings. Here women have the opportunity to practice the sport they love, as a job with all the rights of chance: contributions, maternity, shelter and paid vacations.

As for the 2 Bundesliga, however, it has recently been decided that from the 2018 / 2019 season, the national championships north and south will be unified, in a single national championship, in order to bring this to a professional level too, allocating more investments by of the federation.
For the moment in the 2 Bundesliga the players have semi-professional or amateur contracts.

The societies they follow them in their study plans so that, once the sports career is over, they can immediately enter the world of work.
In addition, some are also supported by the State, which takes charge of some expenses, such as renting the home, until they finish their studies and begin their career (as in Italy for athletes who they are part of the law enforcement agencies).
In the Bundesliga and 2 Bundesliga players are treated as full-fledged sportsmen.
The differences that immediately leap to the eye, between the German and Italian championships, are the major investments by the German federation in the women's sector, which is not implemented and made available (for the corresponding series A and B series championships) by the Italian federation, which instead it invests large sums of money in the men's professional leagues, leaving the female sector constantly behind.

The question I constantly ask myself, having lived and played in both countries, is: even if in Italy women's football is more incentivized and freed from all the taboos that surround it and the players have the opportunity to practice this sport as a job like fellow men, we would have the opportunity to witness, for example, a historic world semifinals in Italy -
Germany like the one I was lucky enough to attend in the 2006 ?! My answer is yes!

If we gave life to a well organized women's soccer project, even in women we would be able to bring out our talents and bring them to the top of the world with our talent and our passion, which are just the Italian prerogatives in football and life !

Since I'm a player, which is constantly fighting for the rights of women and for the dream of football and a more equal society in Italy, but also in the rest of the world, I will never stop believing in this battle. Because we are also Italians and we also come from a country where the culture and passion are very strong football, so we also have the right to practice this sport with all the dignified rights of professional sportsmen!
Then force female soccer movement, which dreams of a better future! We continue with our dedication and our work.

No conquest stems from a passive action, but from a continuous active participation so that things change.
I hope and always believe in it, because Italy is true, it is a strange and crazy country! So why not expect a brilliant blow and madness in this area as Italian women in the past have already shown they can do ?! Like an unexpected heel!

From Germany x
Lucia Mallardi.

Author: Lucia MallardiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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