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Contributions disadvantaged transfers, the controversy does not settle!

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It is a blow and response between the president of Torino Roberto Salerno and the Deputy Chairman LND Delegate Sandro Morgana. The object of the diatribe is still the contributions for disadvantaged travel promised by the same Morgana in the Official Announcement N ° 20 28 / 09 / 2016 and for now not granted: "It is also expected an important financial intervention to fill the difficulties arising from the so-called "Disadvantaged transfers to and from the islands", which at the moment are a cause for discord and concern.
In this regard, we have argued on several occasions that, both as a result of the project that we present, and the intervention that I will ask the LND to do so, the inconvenience will be kept to a minimum. "

In the response received at Turin women's football the LND writes: "the Department will try to get by the end of the season, as already anticipated during the presentation of the championships, a contribution to compensate for any discomfort suffered for trips to the Sardinian island "

Promises, in my opinion, postponed from year to year without being fully satisfied. It is clear that if a contribution is proposed, companies expect and count on that contribution to participate in the season. Common sense should sensitize the LND to anticipate this contribution to be reinstated during the season with the sums forfeited for the postponement of tenders and not vice versa. It seems that there is also a lack of willingness to anticipate the contribution. So why not say clearly: the contributions for disadvantaged transfers are not there, so do well before the accounts ... But even this solution would be contrary to the principles expressed by President Morgana of "participation and solidarity"

With all due respect to every form of contribution in support of the companies, in order to give development to the whole movement we need projects and concrete investments in addition to the "hope that" football in pink "can, in the immediate future, register those growth levels that are typical of other European nations "expressed in the communicated and to the objectives proposed in the meetings: "first of all to make football accessible to women as well as to men. Supporting companies by incentivising those that present functional and coherent projects (have the guidelines been presented?). Promote events involving young people, the base and institutions of primary socialization. "

After the repayment of the contributions on account of the FIGC, granted last year, and with the registration fees lowered at the beginning of this season but which raise the costs to companies, and waiting to officially know the development project presented to FIGC whose financing is placed at the expense of the foundation for i television rightsi and this to give support and strength to our societies, Torino could not honor the trip to Terra Sarda and women's football must continue to resist and move forward with so much passion and sacrifice.

Walter Pettinati




Walter Pettinati
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