Memorial Di Pasquale: Parma - Real Meda 3 - 2, third classified crusades

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Vimodrone (MI), 14 January 2020 - Parma closes the Angelo Di Pasquale Memorial, Junior Under 3 Women's category, played at the Centro Sportivo Real Milano in Vimodrone (Milan): in the Final for the 19rd / 3th place of Sunday 4 January 12, in fact, beat Real Meda 2020-3. Mister Roberto Dellapina, faded the opportunity to play the final for 2st place, after the semifinal lost (1-0) ten days earlier with Como who then would have won the quadrangle by beating the Azaleas 1-3.

As scheduled, take advantage of the opportunity for a sort of break-in in view of the resumption of the Championship (Saturday 18 January 2020 the Crusades will visit Minerva Milan for the 1st Round of the Round which will see them committed to trying a memorable comeback at the Azaleas who guide the ranking with 7 margin points) and to "test" some young players of the Under 17 team: Alessia Bussolati, Alice Giuberti, Anna Tognolini and Anna Sbuttoni were in fact aggregated.

Fun game, especially in the first fraction with the Giallobl├╣ that Juniors under 19 parma third classified vimodrone 12 01 2020 offer a good level test, reacting to the initial disadvantage - arrived following a free kick by Serena Porro deflected by Syria Zangara behind the innocent Elena Corcelli - building some clear chances from the net: at 19 'is the crossbar saying no to Alessandra Sacchi who two minutes later finds the same (1-1) after a nice serve by Giorgia Tommasini. It is then up to Emanuela Linzalata to center the cross on a free kick before Anna Sbuttoni, at the end of the fraction (41 '), gives the advantage (2-1) to the Ducali with a perfect right outside from the edge that slips under the intersection.

The recovery begins with the expulsion, by double warning, of the captain of the Lombard Porro: paradoxically, even in numerical superiority, Parma gives some field to the opponents left in ten and it takes super Corcelli to deny the draw to Virginia Mantia. In the last 10 minutes Sacchi still scores (3-1 at 37 'st), while at the end (41├Č st), still on a free kick, this time by Virginia La Mantia, Real Meda shortens the distances (3-2 ), but the result will no longer change until the end, and so Parma will rank 3rd in the Quadrangular.

Markers: 15 'Porro, 21' and 37 'st Sacchi, 41' Sbuttoni, 41 'st V. La Mantia

PARMA - Corcelli; Berni (28 'st Campanini), Soncini; Robuschi (Cap.), Bussolati (20 'st Boschi), Sbuttoni (1' st Giuberti); Zolesi (41 'Tognolini, 29' st Liazare), Linzalata, Tommasini, Zangara, Sacchi. All Dellapina

REAL MEDA - Mandorino; Redaelli, Anastasio (23 'st Sala); Piolanti, Cammarota, Uboldi; Ferretti, Porro (Cap), M. La Mantia, Noakes (1 'st V. La Mantia), Mariani (13' st Rossi). Att. De Candia
Available: 12. Barzaghi

Referee: Ms. Derrini from Milan

Expelled: Porro at 4 'st (double caution)

Ammonite: Boschi, Soncini, Giuberti; Leek

Recovery: 1 '+ 2'

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