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San Marino Academy, a bitter epilogue for the very young

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Nothing to do for the youngsters from the San Marino Academy, who had qualified for the Interregional Finals of the U15 Women's Championship - organized by the Youth and School Sector within the FIGC - after having brilliantly won the qualifying round shared with Jesina, Perugia and Cesena.

At the penultimate step of the tournament also the people of Romagna who - together with Florentia and Bologna - challenged the San Marino women in a two-day meeting at the Cardinaletti di Jesi to declare the only formation included in the group 3 that would have obtained the qualification for the Final Four of San Zaccaria (RA).

The quadrangular - which also includes shoot-outs as a technical game, as well as a potential criterion for ranking - includes the debut with Florentia, for the San Marino Academy. The red and white immediately impose a rare competitive charge at the meeting, not skimping on rather harsh interventions. Aggressiveness that opens up the net of advantage to the 3 'with Barsali that impeccably starts and concludes a re-started refined by the millimetric assistance of Burani. On the Tuscan doubling that arrives at the 7 'the white-and-blues complain about an unacknowledged foul against Beccari, which remains on the ground: Florentia thus develops its counter-attack ended with a great right-footed fly by De Sorbo. The 10 number will be the great protagonist of a game that the San Marino Academy reopens with the penalty perfectly transformed to the 13 'by Cecchini, good at displacing the opposing goalkeeper and capitalizing the penalty procured by Beccari. The blue-white striker signs the engagement three minutes later, taking advantage of a rebound to electrocute Mazzanti at the corner. Before the break Beccari tries again from a tight angle, but the Tuscan extreme is not surprising. The number one of Florentia should not then intervene on the great occasion for Sietchiping, that on the development of a punishment slingshot on the wandering in the area and - bypassed the recovery of an opponent - shoots up a breath from a short distance. Following a double attempt by Florentia, defused by Giulia Zaghini, it was Beccari who failed to complete the comeback, sending out diagonally in front of Mazzanti.
In the second fraction - exactly at the 33 '- De Sorbo does not grant the same courtesy, cooling Zaghini with a big right in the open field. Two minutes later a colossal opportunity for the new San Marino draw, with Beccari hitting a clamorous pole in Saccchiping split that on the tap-in with a sure hit hits Mazzanti in full. On the reversal in front of the most famous unwritten rule of this sport finds application: De Sorbo skips Paolini and serves a chocolate with Puntoni that only has to rest at the bottom of the bag with left-handed. The Florentia savors the success at the end of the second of the three portions of the race, when De Sorbo bypasses the opponent pressing and arrests a splendid right that cuts off Zaghini for the 5-2.
San Marino Academy in search of a miracle in the last 20 minutes, which open with the flash of Mazzanti to deny Giuliani's network. The goal that closes the meeting arrives at 51 'and is completely fortuitous: Franceschi tames a good ball and launches into a solitary against the third line of San Marino, finding an incredible rebound on the closure of Sietchiping that develops into an unreachable lob for Zaghini.
In the last few minutes the San Marino Academy returns to test, which first touches the third goal with Beccari and Giuliani - the latter also splinters a crossbar with a great right -, and then sinks with the same midfielder who beats the new entry Mariani.

The second match with Cesena is already decisive for the San Marino players, given that the bianconeri have overtaken Bologna in the derby of the first day. To unlock the meeting, however, is the incredible carom that brings Happiness - the former of the challenge - to hit the crossing of the poles with the left-handed, giving a mocking trajectory to the ball that ends up bouncing beyond the goal line when it seemed it could end on the bottom. Zaghini is redeemed with a double intervention which is the prelude to the occasional for the San Marino draw, delayed by one minute compared to the penalty kick awarded for a touch of Happiness hand. Upstream of the action - game from corner - also the crossbar of Boschi with a big right turn. From the spot Cecchini changes angle with respect to the challenge with Florentia, finding the parade of the extreme adversary that blocks in two times. Draw - as mentioned - which is a few seconds away from the failed penalty: Sietchiping properly exploits a pinball in the area to restore parity in scoring to the 12 '. The girls of Valeria Canini take courage and play more loose, developing valuable plots like the one that leads to the great right of Boschi, only too central. However, the San Marino advantage came at the 16 'thanks to the blue-white midfielder, who showed off his enviable technique by opening the plate to send the ball to the far corner. The San Marino Academy does not find the third center with Sietchiping: the Urbino striker argues with the ball, wasting an assist from Beccari's left. Situation that comes up a little later, with Beccari this time setting up on his own to find the foot answer from the Romagna goalkeeper on the nearest pole.
In the middle of the second half the new draw arrives, which still sees the former Giorgia Felicità involved: triggered by a filtering device, he releases a right rejected by Zaghini who - in the scrum born on the re-spell - is unlucky in the rebound with Cecchini who ends up rolling the sphere in the San Marino network. After an occasion for part, settled with Zaghini's big parade and the left-handed man with a high Sietchiping breath, Cesena goes forward in the score in the middle of the last part of the game: thanks to Mengozzi, who first exalts Zaghini's reflexes , then mark with the right hand goal when the 50 'runs. It's not over here, because the San Marino Academy returns to strike on the Sietchiping-Giuliani axis, which sets Cecchini's great right-hand man destined for the corner and unreliable for Sorci, who can't avoid the 3-3 on which the 'meeting.

In the other challenge the Bologna gets a very precious success for 2-0 on the Florentia that cuts out the San Marino Academy from the possibility of grabbing the first place to qualify for the Final Four: any result had in fact matured in the challenge between Cesena and Florentia, would put always at least one formation in front of the white-blu - even in case of success on Bologna -. Captain's armband on Beccari's arm, for the last in San Marino Academy: the one that is the most brilliant talent forged in the Biancoazzurre youth opens the 8 'markings with a great diagonal that beats the extreme Bolognese, decisive in denying the doubling to Cecchini soon after. The Bologna tries from outside finding the Zaghini faded one, that nothing can on the counter-attacking opponent that moves from a deburring in closing. Romagnola comeback that arrives at the 19 'and due to an incredible sinister turn from distance that ends its race at the intersection of the poles, suddenly falling and mocking an incredulous Giulia Zaghini.
The second part of the race opens with Giuliani's ball and chain drop, which jumps three opponents before concluding with a left-handed diagonal, rejected by the Bologna goalkeeper. Action similar to the 22 ', with Giuliani playing vertically on Beccari, able to overtake the extreme Bolognese with left-handed and re-establish parity on the pitch. Bologna needs a victory to hope for the Final Four, but produces little in the central part, risking San Marino's restarts that often develop on Beccari's play. In the third and final time of the game, a drop in tension is expensive for the San Marino Academy, which undergoes two goals in three minutes: on the first Torriani it is inaccurate in managing a crosscoast, while on the next - which is the success for 4 -3 of the Emilian women - there is all the cynicism of the rossoblu, who throw themselves on the tap-in that, thanks to the success of Florentia in the other match, sends the Bologna to the Final Four of San Zaccaria due to the direct confrontations in favor.

Bologna 6
Florentia 6
Cesena 4
San Marino Academy 1
Bologna enters the Final Four of San Zaccaria by virtue of its success in direct confrontation

Pool 3 - Interregional Finals (Jesi, 8-9 June 2019)
1. day
Bologna 3-4 Cesena
San Marino Academy 3-6 Florentia

2. day
Cesena 3-3 San Marino Academy
Florentia 0-2 Bologna

3. day
Bologna 4-3 San Marino Academy
Cesena 1-3 Florentia

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