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Parma spring, The derby with the San Paolo ends 2 at 2

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Vicofertile, 15 Aprile 2019 - On the municipal field, in luxuriant natural grass, of Vicofertile, on Saturday 13 Aprile 2019, with lots of yellow-blue smoke from the mountain pastures, the last act of the Women's Junior 19 Championship is on stage, with Parma that receives the Modenese from San Paolo for the heartfelt and vibrant Derby that sees the Crusades reaching the photo finish for the draw (2-2) ...

... with Rita Marseglia (who also inspired Giorgia Tommasini's first goal) shortly before the triple whistle of the referee Signor Della Pietra, with the spirits that then light up a little too much after all, as in the first leg when, always at the last sigh, the gialloblù had conquered the whole stake (1-2) and it takes all the diplomacy, the savoir faire and the job of the house manager Franco Covelli to bring calm and order and refresh the hot spirits. The mister girls Roberto Dellapina are called to redeem themselves after the bad test with the new regional champions of Riccione of the previous week and in terms of performance they do not disappoint the expectations: without juniors under 19 Matilde Ravanetti and Marta Baccanti - committed to Fiuggi with the Emilia Romagna Regional Representative at the Tournament of the Regions - between the ranks gialloblù you can see Virginia Tamborlani again, after three months of trouble in the infirmary.

Parma takes the ball of the game right from the start and already in the first 7 minutes an inspired Rita Marseglia finds three excellent verticals for Giorgia Tommasini, closed well by Melotti in the first two occasions, while in the third she puts her side slightly. At 10 'the Gialloblù 9 number to return the favor to the teammate, but Froncillo is good at closing. At the 14 'we see the guests who, taking advantage of a wrong support of Eleonora Ceci, try from the distance with Geraneo, but the ball slips to the side. It is always Parma to press, but without too much wickedness in front of goal: Cecilia Aiolfi tries to punish, to 17 ′, but Montorsi is attentive, and then again Rita Marseglia (18 ′) does not find the door again at the invitation of Giulia Scaffardi . At the 20 ′, in the packed area, Aiolfi tries to turn it upside down, but the opposing goalkeeper controls without difficulty. At 25 ′ Rita Marseglia first dribbles a couple of opponents and then telephones Montorsi ...

At the minute 27 the unexpected guest advantage arrives with Froncillo who from the 25 meters takes an insidious punishment that hits the ground shortly after the line of the small and mockery Tamborlani up to the spectator. Despite the disadvantage (0-1) the script does not change: it is always Parma who makes the game and grinds the game: at 29 'a dangerous cross-shot by Giulia Soncini is almost worth the equal goal, 1-1 that actually arrives at the 32 'with Giorgia Tommasini who anticipates Montorsi in output once again caught by Rita Marseglia. At the 40 ′ Captain Virginia goes to the lands for a rough intervention by Captain Pascarella who for the English Mr. Della Pietra should not be punished except with the yellow: Scaffardi's punishment ends out.

At the end of the time Cecilia Aiolfi is forced to go out due to a muscular problem on the quadriceps and Nicole Bertoletti replaces her, returning after a long stop for a microfracture of the foot: and at the beginning of the recovery it is she, the new entry, who catches Giada Robuschi who however it is closed in a corner kick (1 ′ st). Immediately after (2 ′ st) the public demands a penalty for a contrast to the limits of the lawful between the same Robuschi and Melotti, but Mr. Della Pietra washes his hands ... Once again on the development of a still kick - and again once a surprise - at 6 'st the guests are ahead: punishment from the right of the usual Froncillo and Geraneo is the quickest of all and with a beautiful right plate beats Tamborlani. Under a goal (1-2) Parma increases the pressure even more: at the 10 'st Marseglia shoots high, and at the 15' st claims a penalty that seemed clear but Mr. Della Pietra let it continue. At 16 ′ st Naummi tries a diagonal, but Montorsi, with his hand, protects his door. At the 23 'st Naike Naummi, in the fray, on a corner by Cataldi, the tap in the same is missing in a whisker. Meanwhile, the minds of the players in the field begin to overheat and, as in the first leg, the guests fly a few words (not just Oxford) of too much towards the opponents and so the referee must extract some cards to try to calm the souls: ending on his notebook are Naummi and Geraneo. The Parma, getting nervous, loses a bit of lucidity in the maneuver, but he has the merit of fighting and believing in it to the last: at the 35 ′ St. Tommasini concludes out; at the 38 ′ new unorthodox intervention by Melotti on Marseglia that rolls on the ground, but Signor Della Pietra remains impassive; at the 41 'st a punishment by Captain Ceci from the left ends out for a matter of (few) centimeters; finally, in full recovery, at 48 'st, Scaffardi fishing Marseglia jumping Favella and defeating Montorsi finding the well-deserved and rather tight 2-2. One minute later the clever Mr. Della Pietra graced the fiery Pascarella - who would have deserved the red already in another couple of previous circumstances, such as the aforementioned intervention broken down against Eleonora Ceci in the first half, sanctioned with a single benevolent yellow - for the fallow on Zolesi and an attempt to react against Naummi and so it turns out that at the triple whistle there is still a little too much agitation to dispose of together with the competitive trance ...

This, at the end of the meeting, the comment of Mr. Roberto Dellapina and Rita Marseglia, author of the goal of the 2-2 in full recovery, interviewed by Gabriele Majo, head of press office and communication of the Youth Sector and of the Parma Calcio Women's Team 1913:

ROBERTO DELLAPINA: "We fully deserved throughout the race: only the two set pieces saw us go a little in difficulty, their first goal, with a detour under the goal, was the only chance they had in all the first time. Then we managed to draw 1-1, and then we went again under 1-2, while trying to attack. Giorgia Tommasini hit the crossbar and we had several face-to-face occasions with the goalkeeper: today, the field certainly penalized the players a little, due to the presence of tufts and the uneven ground. It does not want to be an alibi or a mitigating factor, but this also affects the quality of the gesture. However we caught it at the 93 ′, so it's a great satisfaction. Season? In the races that could have allowed us to make the qualitative leap, we missed out a little: we felt a little sin of inexperience, but for us it was the first season, so when we faced first-class opponents, we missed something. We are the same as you manage to face with arms apparently titled teams like Riccione, San Marino and Jesina, but then, over the 90 ′ there has been some too much downturn, and a few too many mistakes that have prevented us from collect as much as sown during the race. These were the moments that made the difference, but in the end we are all the same satisfied because, beyond everything, we allowed several of our players to face the first team, giving their contribution when they were called into question, also doing of goals, like the one here Rita Marseglia, or Marta Baccanti, or Matilde Ravanetti who defended the door in time of need and also others who went on the field, doing a little experience, and this is important for us because we are a sort of tank that also works according to the objectives of the first team "

RITA MARSEGLIA: "It was really nice to score in full recovery, also because the game was a bit like this: we had many chances, but as usual we sin a little in front of goal, but in the end it went well. As in the first leg there was a bit of a run-off between the two teams, but we are happy with the result. The field was a bit ugly today, but it suits us: today I was a little penalized in some pitches, because when you try to pull and the ball gets up there it's normal for you to get hurt, but it went well. Season? For me it was pretty positive: there were some episodes that I could have avoided, but I'd say pretty good ... "

Markers: 27 'Froncillo, 32' Tommasini, 6 'st Geraneo, 48' st Marseglia

PARMA - Tamborlani; Woods (35 'st Zolesi), Soncini (26' st Tolentino); Naummi, Scaffardi, Cataldi; Aiolfi (41 'Bertoletti), Robuschi (10' st Ferrari), Tommasini, Ceci (Cap), Marseglia. Dellapina All
Available: 14. Bussolati, 15. Campanini, 19. Trollesi

SAN PAOLO - Montorsi; Doctor, Favella; Froncillo (34 'st Romano), Melotti, Brandoli (8' st Fantuzzi); Durantini (39 'st La Torre), Pascarella (Cap.), Geraneo, Ferraro (24' st Lista), Bruno (37 'st Benassi). Sorice All
Available: 13. Printoni

Referee: Mr Della Pietra from Parma

Ammonite: Naummi, Pascarella, Geraneo

Recovery: 1 '+ 5'

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