Friday, February 22 2019
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Youth News

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The under 10 of the Vis Pesaro Calcio Femminile passes to history, a historical episode in fact for the club to experience that on Thursday 6 December at the Stadio Dorico of Ancona saw the young athletes take to the field together with the girls of Assan Shakur Konlassata. An afternoon of great enthusiasm, as stated by the Team Manager of Vis Pesaro Calcio Femminile Alberto Cavoli, with him also Alessandro Crepi:

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Collecchio, 6 December 2018. The Parma Calcio, always very sensitive to issues of equality and contrast to gender differences, takes a big step forward and also opens up to girls in the Women's Sector the activity of ball boys, always reserved for the male universe.

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Vis Pesaro Women's football, also on the green line, the young athletes of the Under-aged UN 12 have reached the number of 18 registered, without loans. The team, born last year, together with Under 15 and first team, is facing its championship under the careful guidance of Martina Ciamaglia: "I'm very happy with the group that has come to create, although many girls have started this their adventure in the world of football.

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The rossobl├╣ youth sector returns to blue. After having already given huge talents in the past, in the last three years the Sassarese team has returned to create dreams. Many girls in the Representatives, of all categories, convened in the last three years, to which are added, embellishing the work done, those who have dressed and will wear the shirt of the Italian National Team.



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