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Romagnano - Tradate Abbiate

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We had left the Romagnano last 1 June, on the day of the conquest in the Coppa Coppa goleada, in Leinì, against the Givolettese. Since that day the company has carried out a real race against the clock, succeeding in the intent to register the team, first at the championship of series B, then to that of A2, after the reform of national tournaments. The 10 July the last seasonal effort with the 24 hours perfectly organized by the Sesian staff, then the 20 August the beginning of the preparation. So many confirmed faces, almost all of them, with the addition of the fast forward striker Deborah Soragni ('96) from Castellettese and expert Debora Fusini, as well as two young reinforcements for Davide Decaroli's second team, namely Angelica Iato (' 97) from Borgopal and Anna Lanza ('98) from San Giacomo di Novara.
After many friendly and training sessions, Sunday the girls took to the field between the walls of friends in the Italian Cup, already accomplishing the first seasonal task, removing from the event the listed opponents of Tradate Abbiate for 3-2. And all this without two pillars of the past championship, the full-back Elena Tedesco and the historical captain, Valentina Lomazzi who for work will be available only on some weekends.
Against the Tradate, Morganti has not betrayed the expectations, giving confidence to the form and interpreters of the triumphant year 2010-11: 4-2-3-1, or rather 4-fantasy, with Captain Marabelli in the door, Buccella, De Nicolò, Zaquini and Giannetti in defense, Bevilacqua and Zignone in the median, Tuberga, Piana and Graziotto behind Medina.
At the orders of Mr. Ibrahim Kamal of Turin (more than positive his performance, but badly the two assistants, in particular the first), the two teams took to the field at 15,30 in front of an exceptional spectator as Stefano Tacconi, ex goalkeeper of Juventus and founder of the "National Vip Sport" Onlus. Logically the tension was the keystone of the Romagnano throughout the first half: high balls, wrong support and confusion were the masters, but this was enough to leave bored the many spectators arrived at the field of Via Monte Bianco, because even the Tradate , even stinging with the omnipresent Caffio, has never created opportunities. The race, balanced, was suddenly overturned in the last minutes of the first fraction: at the 42 'a punishment of Graziotto was badly rejected by the Lombard goalkeeper and Erica Buccella was the quickest to reiterate in the network. Ball in the center and after two minutes, an intervention by De Nicolò in the area was punished with a generous penalty kick signaled by the first assistant: Russo turned and went to the interval on 1-1.
In the second half another Romagnano came into play, battagliero, more precise and sometimes devastating in speed. Graziotto missed a sensational goal with an empty goal after a cannon shot by Zignone deflected by the goalkeeper and at 58 'the omelette seemed to be made: winning punishment from Tagini's 25 meters, with Marabelli vainly plunging into the dive. A similar network, arrived at the best moment of Sesiane, would have killed a bull, instead the girls of Morganti have raised their heads, continuing to run and express themselves to the fullest. At 68 'the draw, thanks to a penalty kick cleverly earned by Serena Medina and skillfully made by Alessia Bevilacqua. The spectrum of the additional hovered in Romagnano, but the opportunities not materialized for the premises were multiplied thanks to the grasslands granted on the bands in Soragni (took over from Tuberga) and Graziotto. 84 'the decisive network, with the sorceress Antea Piana good to resolve a melee left after a corner kick.
This is the comment at the end of the Granata coach: "It was important to start off with the right foot to immediately understand the technical-tactical level of this new category: initially the emotion played against us, as was preventable, but as the minutes passed the team has left, first intelligent time to study the opponents and the last thirty minutes of the match with a fighting spirit, humility and sacrifice are and must be our weapons, I am satisfied with the team's test, we still have a lot to work but who starts well halfway through the work ".

Romagnano: Marabelli, Buccella, Giannetti, Piana (88 'Soncin), Zaquini, De Nicolò, Tuberga (68' Soragni), Zignone, Medina (86 'Pella), Bevilacqua, Graziotto. All .: Morganti

Referee: Kamal of Turin

Networks: 42 'Buccella, 44' Russian (rig.), 58 'Tagini, 67' Bevilacqua (rig.), 84 'Piana.

Marco Curti

In photography, the Mister of Romagnano Fabio Morganti

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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