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Pug-CaesarsHere are the declarations made by Cesari and Carlino during the 12 ^ episode of "Colpo di Tacco", the first radio broadcast entirely dedicated to women's football broadcast on Radio Voce every Monday at 18,15 (also in streaming) and conducted by Fabio Cimmino, Alberto Giori and Viviana Schiavi. CLICK HERE TO RE-COLLECT THE INTERVIEW. {Audio} http://www.napolicalciofemminile.it/phocadownload/2011-2012/colpoditacco_ok.mp3 {/ audio}
Part of Carlino talking about the great feat of his Napoli against Torres: "I think the credit goes to my girls, this is the beauty of the feminine, and I congratulate Brescia because they make abnormal sacrifices to go ahead, so this is the right result and the merit of us society, but above all of these girls who make football the real passion, so really a final worthy of this name, especially from the point of view of the attachment to society, for this passion we have for real clean football.

We know very well that Brescia is technically stronger than us but women's football reserves us many surprises because sometimes the technical value is suppressed by the will of the girls. We play this game in a fairly quiet way because for us it is a very great result to have beaten Torres. It was a truly unforgettable day for me. I have won a lot with my sponsorships but now I am happy especially for the sacrifices that these girls make at no cost and for me this has no other equal values ​​in today's sport. I say it with all my heart we have only a passion for a sport the results certainly we want to reach all but unbeaten by 14 months I think, have won almost all of them arrived in Serie A more from these girls I could not ask, then logically if c 'is the icing on the cake ... But I know very well the value of Brescia, there are many national team is certainly more experienced than us, then if we do as Chelsea did in the Champions League that eliminated the Barcelona then ... Here talking about Naples, the men defeated Chelsea who then won the Cup, football is not an exact science, so we definitely play it ".

Replica of Cesari who responds with equally fair play to Carlino's words: "I made them to them when they won the A2 championship to go up and on Saturday I called Riccio (a Napoli executive) directly because when we had felt that I complimented told me "see you in the Italian Cup final" and I told him "look it will be hard enough for us, but also for you because I say against a Torres" .... and instead we overturned all the predictions, we have done an extraordinary thing, even more so because to recover an 2 0 against Torres I think it's a business ... There are not as many teams today as they can and they are strong, they talk so but I already know that they are organizing to prepare the game for the better.

Carlino then returned immediately and also jokes about the superstition: "However, I also thank you in the name of Riccio because the compliments I received sent them to me, I will have the pleasure to meet you on Saturday and live a beautiful day of sport, I hope the women's soccer has a little more visibility because they deserve it especially the athletes who make so many sacrifices
Cimmino: and it's true, already a sort of twinning is being created that I naturally endorse ....
Caesars: you have already endorsed something with the Carpisa trolleys
Cimmino: in fact, the president Carlino knows that the Brescia Femminile runs throughout Italy with custom-made Carpisa trolleys.
Carlino: my fear is this that you come with the trolley Carpisa and since it is very lucky the turtle and brings good this is not a good omen for us.

A first time also for the most famous Brescia, and Cesari admits that we start on a par: "We also have something of Naples because we have the Neapolitan press agent, we have the tip, the Sabatino which is closer to Naples than to Brescia, however As I repeat, it is also the first experience for us, the first time we find ourselves in a Coppa Italia final with the Brescia Women's Association we will try to exploit it to the fullest to exploit this thing, surely the girls will put us body and soul to bring at home this trophy after will be the field as I said to judge who will be the best, the winner, so much of hat ".

And then we move on to the youth sector that unites both companies for serious projects that propose: "The beauty of this final here - continues Cesari - is that even to do so on the final came two companies that believe a lot in women's football and invest much in women's football and especially in the youth sector.I follow what Naples does down in their area what they are creating, the nurseries they are creating and we are in turn to them so I think they are two companies ad hoc for this final to talk of female football here, for this thing here.

"As the president said - Carlino continues - we are already investing a lot so we need our nursery and the most valid ones come first in the first team.For me, what pleased this year is the women's movement in Naples but in all of Campania we have had an incredible response, something that until ten years ago we did not really think about women: we find lots of people who want to enroll next year and this will ensure that in Naples in Brescia and throughout Italy this movement can grow because truly if we continue to make people passionate the fans the newspapers and the televisions this is a sport that can give to football in general those values ​​that we have lost of attachment to the shirt.The football clean the true passion to go to play and fans go to the quiet stadium without ultras, this is what I like football and above all women's. "

We then end with greetings. Cesari Part: "No, well we'll say goodbye on Saturday that we know each other and we will cheer together for their team for this waiting game, I wish good luck to them because they are an example to follow in all respects". Richange Carlino: "jokingly I say in the mouth of the turtle". Closes Viviana Schiavi with a: "and the conjurations have started even in Brescia we have to tell the truth"

A Shot of Heel Naples-Brescia really started great!

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