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TAVAGNACCO thumb307_Ends in the worst way the season at the Graphistudio: after the disappointment of the lack of qualification in the Champions, the cold shower arrives even in the delicate Italian Cup semi-final that rewards Brescia, capable of deservingly win with the result of 1-2 the Municipal Tavagnacco . Graphistudio in the day not, while Brescia that perfectly recite the tactical canvas based on optimal coverage of the spaces, breakdowns and sudden flashes combined with a single cynicism in the door. Beginning of the race without exclusions of blows, with Brescia who after just four minutes lose Mori due to injury (hard blow on the exit on Brumana).

Swallows crushing hard on the accelerator: at the 8 'Gozzi perfectly triggers Boni who from a central position with a half scissor lobster tries to surprise Marchitelli. Guests that with the passing of the minutes, dominate the scene and go to the 17 ': Gozzi chooses the right time and with a filtering spear Sabatino, which counterattack burns the yellow-and-white power plant with a scoffed joke the yellowblue goalkeeper. Response of the Friulians to 18 'with a free kick by De Filippo that bypasses the barrier but does not find the first post. Two minutes later, the formation of Brescia, always with remittance action, is close to doubling with Boni from the edge that tries to imitate Sabatino, but his attempt goes off at the bottom. Graphistudio who can not straighten the race, and who does not create dangerous actions, and goes to rest at a disadvantage.
In the second half, the Graphistudio enters the field with a different mental attitude but this is not enough: at the 13 ', in fact, comes the doubling of Brescia again at the hands of the unleashed Sabatino, who after collecting a long launch from the back, enters the area, and with an immediate diagonal it deposits the sphere at the intersection where Marchitelli can not arrive. It is the goal that is worth the 0-2. The girls of Rossi, try to react without, however, build actions worthy of note, up to 29 ', when, Bonetti catches the post, and twenty seconds later, the low shot of Parisi crosses the entire area without entering the door. When Brescia finishes the diesel, the Graphistudio increases the forcing by shortening the distances to 43 'on penalty of Parisi (Pedretti's foul on Di Filippo). The goal galvanizes the local team that, in the final, is close to par with attempts by Parisi, Bonetti and Camporese, but not enough. Brescia wins, which stamps the final pass.

Networks: 17 'Sabatino (B); in the second half, at the 13'st Sabatino and at the 43 'Parisi (penalty).

Graphistudio Tavagnacco: Marchitelli, Martinelli, Rodella, Tuttino, Sorvillo, Donà, Riboldi (Bonetti 9st), Parisi, Brumana, Di Filippo, Camporese. All. Marco Rossi.

Brescia: Mori (4pt Gorno), Pedretti, D'Adda, Zizioli, Schiavi, Gozzi (Rosucci 22'st), Ferrandi, Cernoia, Sabatino, Boni, Alborghetti. All. Samir Keci.

Referee: Bruni di Fermo.

Notes: field in perfect condition, 200 viewers around. Ammonite: Pedretti, Camporese, Gozzi. Corners: 0-4

Marco Piva
Press officer
UPC Graphistudio Tavagnacco

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