Friday, February 28 2020
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Brescia-tavagnaccoPrepare your suitcases you go to Ostia. The Brescia targato Miro Keci in Cup format is perfect, and with a great team performance he beats home the battleship Tavagnacco. The formations that go on the pitch are those announced on the eve: Rossi lines up Riboldi instead of Bonetti, and Keci keeps Rosucci on the bench. After only 5 'minutes before tile for Brescia that has to replace Mori victim of a knee injury after a clash with Brumana launched to the network. The lionesses, however, prove to be concentrated at the right point and in the first minutes command the game thanks to an excellent lap-ball. And at 17 'it's already 1-0. The "cup queen" goes to the chair Daniela Sabatino, who receives a ball from Cernoia and punishes the home number with a spoon from outside the box.
The Brescia is not domo and after the goal still touches the network with Boni and Sabatino but face to face with Marchitelli are both wrong. The Tavagnacco is timidly seen at 35 'with Camporese, but Brescia's iron defense holds well. At 41 'another chance for Brescia on a free kick but Marchitelli deflects in the corner. In the second half the music does not change and the lionesses continue to show. And at the 14 'the deserved doubling comes. The action is a football manual: series of steps, verticalization at the right time and right surgical Sabatino, pack a network of film library! 2-0 for Brescia. After doubling Brescia could triple but Marchitelli saves on two occasions: first on Boni and then on Sabatino. At the 23 'Rosucci enters for Gozzi and after 5' minute tries from long distance, but the ball ends up slightly high. After 75 'of great football, the lionesses start to move back and the Tavagnacco starts to get dangerous. At 35 'Bonetti is wedged in the opposing defense, but the post saves the goal defended by Gorno. At the 43 'Di Filippo tries the serpentine and is put down by Pedretti. The foul is doubtful, but Bruni grants the penalty. Two minutes from the end, Parisi shortens. The finish is heart-pounding, but Zizioli and Schiavi raise the wall and after 3 'minutes of recovery the joy of torcida biancoazzurra can explode. For Brescia a historic victory, against an opponent of great caliber. The 2 June will be very final therefore, in Ostia against Napoli, which has beaten the Italian champions of Torres on penalties. It will be played at 15,30 and the match will be broadcast live on Rai Sport. A final ... from real lionesses!

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