Saturday, August 24 2019
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INITIATIVES OF THE ITALIAN ASSOCIATION SHOOTERS FOR THE ABOLITION OF THE CONSTRAINANT IN THE AMATEURS The Italian Footballers' Association, backed by the support of FIFPro (the International Soccer Union) and on behalf of the amateur footballers it represents in Italy, has taken the first step in political and legal action, at international and national level, aimed at to obtain the abolition of the so-called sports bond. The FIGC is the only football federation in the 27 EU member countries to foresee today the existence of a contractual bond for amateur football players, until the completion of the 25 year of age. On the basis of this simple factual finding, but also on the conviction that the sport tie is contrary to the fundamental principles of the Italian Constitution, labor law and community law, the AIC has invested the Community institutions on the question of its legitimacy. In particular, the 12 November 2009, the Hon. Iva Zanicchi, Member of the European Parliament and member of the Culture Commission, presented a written parliamentary question, requesting the intervention of the European Commission, to verify compliance with the current legislation adopted by the FIGC in the light of Community law, specifically free movement of citizens and workers, as well as competition law. The question was signed by 33 Italian deputies belonging to different parliamentary groups with the support - among others - of the two vice-presidents of the European Parliament, Hon. Roberta Angelilli and Hon. Gianni Pittella. On the basis of this important political signal and, should the opposition of the National Amateur League persist in reviewing the legislation in question, the AIC will be forced to file a written complaint to the European Commission, making use of all the means at its disposal. , in order to achieve the abolition of the sports bond. Nicola Bosio Press Office Associazione Italiana Calciatori Contrà delle Grazie 10 36100 VICENZA
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