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"Sportive and professional, without discrimination": this is the title of last night's initiative, organized by the Women PD Provincial Conference of Bologna at the Festa de L'Unità, which takes place in the North Park from the 26 in August to the 21 in September.
Federica Mazzoni, President of the Conference, was introduced by the Councilor for Sport of the Municipality Luca Rizzo Nervo, the municipal councilor Marzia Benassi and Simonetta Bortolotti, member of the board of the Consulta dello Sport del Comune. Moderator: Lawyer Roberta Li Calzi, AIC regional manager and Imolese Calcio Femminile player.
Cue of the evening the bill presented by Senators PD Fedeli and Idem the 30 last June, which will soon start discussion in Parliament, "Changes to the law 23 March 1981 No. 91, for the promotion of gender balance in relations between companies and professional sportsmen ", which introduces the prohibition of discrimination by national sports federations regarding the classification of the sporting profession.

In Italy, with the progressive increase in female participation in sports activities, which has led to significant social and economic effects, as well as an increasing number of successes on the part of our athletes in high-level sports, no equal improvement in terms of performance was achieved. of economic, social and media rights and acknowledgments: to date, in fact, in our country no female sporting discipline is qualified as a professional under the law 23 March 1981, n. 91 "Rules concerning relations between companies and professional sportsmen". The lack of qualification of the female sporting disciplines as "professionalism" leads to heavy repercussions in terms of the absence of health, insurance and social security protections, as well as of wage treatment adapted to the actual activity carried out.
Starting from this analysis, policies were put in place at local level to ensure that institutions can facilitate women's sporting practice, as well as events organized by sports promotion agencies and associations in the Bologna area to promote the fight against all discrimination, initiatives in which sport can and must be a vehicle and bearer of values ​​of equality.

Avv. Roberta Li Calzi

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