Friday, January 17 2020
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Brescia ugly but effective: successful eighth mission!

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brescia konin
Brescia must recover the disadvantage suffered on Polish soil when, with a harakiri, it has passed from winning 1-3 to losing 4-3 in the 15 'finals. To do so Milena Bertolini relies on 10 / 11 of the starting line-up in Poland with only D'Adda, falling from disqualification, to take the place of Manieri deploying a 3-4-1-2 with Marchitelli in goal, Gama, D ' Adda and Salvai to compose the defensive trio, Capitan Cernoia and Bonansea on the outside, Mele and Rosucci mezzali and Girelli behind the Fuselli-Sabatino attack tandem. Medyk Konin responds by confirming the team a week ago: space at the 5-3-1-1 with Szymańska between the posts, Sikora, Grad, Slavcheva, Ficzay and Dudek in defense, Balcerzak, Pakulska and Daleszczyk in midfield with Kostova ad act as a playmaker behind the only point, Capitana Gawrońska.
Despite being the lionesses to have to roar as they need at least one goal to pass the turn, they are actually the Polish to immediately become dangerous after 4 'with the ball that comes with a clever and lucky passage that passes between the legs of Rosucci between the feet of Blacerzak, who from the edge kicks out. The goal comes however a minute later: Salvai loses a suicide ball and Blacerzakpuò put in a low shot for Kostova that a few steps from Marchitelli can not go wrong. The Brescia tries to react with a long launch of Gama for Girelli, which is stopped for an alleged offside position. In reality the only one to be beyond the line of the defenders seems to be Sabatino, not an active participant in the action. At 9 'Cernoia puts in a midfield free-kick but the careful Szymańska comes out and makes the ball his own. A minute later, the 1200 spectators of the Rigamonti are still trembling: Gawrońska takes the pole to the right of Marchitelli with the latter. At 11 'Bonansea loses a bad ball but luckily the rearguard is careful and recovers the ball. Gama is smart and understanding that the team is in trouble opts to conquer the field by way of lateral throwbacks, rugby type. This choice leads Fuselli to the cross for Girelli which is anticipated by Slavcheva who, however, involuntarily pierces Szymańska by signing an equalizing draw. The Poles, finding themselves perhaps afraid, start playing a very hard kick tolerated by the referee Viola Raudzina. The Brescia is now master of the field: the defense of Medyk Konin away a punishment conquered by Sabatino and kicked by Cernoia and at 23 'a corner still shot by the Capitana is fisted by Szymańska. Two minutes later, the Poles try to serve Gawrońska with a long throw but Gama is a good guard and leads away with a counterattack in which Bonansea is mowed by an opponent. The referee leaves to continue among the whistles of all the Rigamonti. At 35 'Cernoia still widens for Bonansea whose cross is however busted and ends harmless on the bottom. At 39' Girelli tries from the limit but his shot is weak and central, easy prey for the goalkeeper. Four minutes later it is the turn of Mele, who tries to hit the 25 meters but ends wide: in my opinion, however, did well to try the conclusion. Expire the 45 minutes of play with Sabatino successfully stopped by the first assistant Vanaga for offside. It closes the first half without recovery with the teams on the result of 1-1.
It starts with the same twenty-two players of the first half. The first thrill is immediately for Brescia: Mele does not see an adversary on the line between her and D'Adda and tries to serve her. However, the Polish is inserted which points the 3 number of the house, which is very good not to be overcome and to restart the action. At 50 'Kostova jumps Cernoia and Mele but the conclusion with the left from the edge of the area is weak and central and is easily blocked by Marchitelli. Three minutes later, Medyk Konin returns to the lead again thanks to Sikora, who is served by a pass that cuts the face-to-face defense in two with the goalkeeper. The same Marchitelli shortly after is deflected in a corner kick with a feat a shot of Gawrońska, kept in play by Salvai that nullifies the trap of offside well implemented by his companions. The goalkeeper of Brescia is still good at going out and put out with his fists the following cross from the corner. At the 60 'Milena Bertolini tries everything for everything by inserting the young Annamaria Serturini, class' 98, in place of Fuselli and passing the 4-2-4 with Cernoia who backs on the line of defenders. A minute later Girelli pointed out to the referee the constant loss of time and the non-sanctioned fouls of the Polish girls, but Mrs. Viola Raudzina proved to be not very tolerant and showed the yellow card to the 10 number in Brescia. At the 65 'is still the Medyk Konin to become dangerous: Kostova passes to Gawrońska that with a bank serves Balcerzak whose shot is deflected with the body from Gama in the corner. The Brescia starts on the counterattack with Mele, which is stopped by the bad Dudek who rightly takes the admonition. At the 69 'descent on the right wing of Bonansea, who crosses the ground at the center for Girelli which can not really spoil the splendid assists of his partner: 2-2, Brescia is alive, the Rigamonti explodes, Brescia believes in victory! At 71 'Mister Jaszczak tries to cover himself by removing Capitana Gawrońska, author of one goal and one of the best in the field, and inserting Guściora. At the 77 'Rosucci tries from the 25 meters without success.All'83' comes the advantage of Brescia: corner of Cernoia, the head of Gama and turn of Sabatino in the network; the Rigamonti can cheer! At the 87 'the lionesses try to put the result in the safe with Cernoia who wins the left and cross in the middle but the defense moves away. Sabatino retrieves the ball and wins a corner that is worth gold for the landlords. At 90 'is whistled a non-existent offside Serturini waved by the second assistant Jelena Jermolajeva. The young 15 number is cautioned but not bad because Brescia knows how to control the game in the four minutes of recovery and bring home the victim and the qualification to the knockout stages of the Champions League.
Perhaps one of the ugliest Brescia ever in the Champions League, but was able to bring home the victory by suffering against a good opponent, certainly very physical but lower quality than the lionesses. In a press conference Milena Bertolini says she is happy for the shift and that sometimes it is good to win too, not playing well, then also supporting the importance of players like Sabatino and Bonansea who, although not in a perfect day, helped the team with the their experience. On the other side Mister Roman Jaszczak leaves Italy with a bitter taste in his mouth to be really close to a historic qualification for the Polish team.
BRESCIA (3-4-1-2): Marchitelli; Gama, D'Adda, Salvai; Cernoia (cap.), Mele, Rosucci, Bonansea; Girelli; Fuselli (60 'Senturini), Sabatino (83' Manieri). Available: Ceasar, Eusebio, Tarenzi, Ghisi, Lenzini. Coach: Milena Bertolini.
MEDYK KONIN (5-3-1-1): Szymańska; Sikora, Grad, Slavcheva, Ficzay, Dudek; Balcerzak, Pakulska, Daleszczyk; Kostova; Gawrońska (cap .; 71 'Guściora). A disp .: Sowalska, Olejniczak, Salata. Coach: Roman Jaszczak.
Networks: 5 'Kostova (Medyk Konin), 14' Slavcheva (pro Brescia), 53 'Sikora (Medyk Konin), 69' Girelli (Brescia), 83 'Sabatino (Brescia).
Cards: Ammonite Girelli (Brescia) at 61 'for protests, Dudek (Medyk Konin) at 66' for a foul play and Serturini (Brescia) at 90 'for misbehavior.
Referee: Viola Raudzina (Latvia).
Assistants: Diana Vanaga (Latvia) and Jelena Jermolajeva (Latvia).
Fourth official: Veronica Martinelli (Italy).
Recovery: 0 'and 4'.
Spectators: about 1200.
Article by Federico Scarso.
In the photos of Fabio Fazzari and Mara Ramella some phases of the match and the press conference of coaches Milena Bertolini (Brescia) and Roman Jaszczak (Medyk Konin).
Federico Scarso
Author: Federico ScarsoWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Italian football, Serie B and Serie A. He made his debut in the Champions League during the Brescia - Konin match



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