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Japan with a high score, Venezuela with great talents and not only: towards the semi-finals of Jordan 2016

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world under17 Jordan
This under17 world championship in Jordan is slowly starting to end, and only the 4 teams competing for the title remain in the quarter-finals. The results of the fourth phase of this competition were as follows:
Mexico 1-2 Venezuela; Germany 1-2 Spain; North Korea 2-1 Ghana; Japan 3-0 England
Statistically, women's football has a strong tendency to prolong the playing time over the 90 regulatory minutes in the case of games that do not admit a tie result, as was also seen during the last match of the Olympics. These four games ended with certain results: three goals per game determined the teams admitted to the semi-finals: Venezuela, Spain, North Korea and Japan.

Venezuela deserves access to the first semifinal, winning 2-1 against a Mexico that certainly did not face this world unprepared, but had to deal with the great talents of South American opponents. The match in fact saw the Mexican go ahead, but the network proved to be ephemeral: the Venezuelan striker Deyna Castellanos thought to score the equalizer, one minute after the opening of the markings, and to also sign the 2-1 , just 4 minutes later. The undeniable talent of the young seventeen year old, author of 5 goals in 4 matches of this world.

Germany, on the other hand, was defeated by a very balanced game against Spain, but against which it could do little in terms of results. The Spaniards have in fact directed the match in their favor after just 9 minutes of play, with Natalia's goal, and then double before the end of the first half: 2 to 0 of Eva at 36 '. The goal of the young Lena Oberdorf, 2001 class, has been missed, and 94 signed the 2-1 with its second goal since the start of the competition.

Much more tachycardic was the match between North Korea and Ghana, 2 ended at 1, after having taken away and given hope of victory to both teams during the 90 minutes. The North Korean Kim Pom Ui opens in the 33 minute, and the game looks set to keep the result on 1 0. But Ghana does not lose hope, and at 81 'Gifty Acheampong scores the equalizer goal, bringing his compatriots back on the wave of enthusiasm at the thought of a new chance of victory. But the reaction of the North Koreans arrives at the last minute, which re-establishes the advantage with the 15-year-old Ja Un Yong at the minute 94, and the joy of victory is uncontrollable.

The match between Japan and England is quite different: the match has made clear the hierarchy since the third minute of the race, and has left no possibility of appeal to the young English, which as far as they are in the panorama of women's football nothing could against the Asian, whose skill and punctuality in the field has never been the subject of mystery. In fact, the Japanese do not seem to intend to stop winning, and after the 5 at 0 against Ghana at the world debut, after the second 5 at 0 against Paraguay and 3 at 2 against the United States increases the positivity of the goal difference with a net 3 to 0, bringing the share of goals made to 16. In four games. Need to add more?

Towards the end of this World Cup, soon the semi-finals: Venezuela - North Korea and Spain - Japan.
To whom the honor to access the final?

Lucia Pirola

Lucia Pirola
Author: Lucia PirolaWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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