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fifa goal programme14The FIFA website shows the list of 208 federations that have benefited from the contribution to realize their projects, shines the lonely absence of our beloved "Italy".
The "Goal program" set up by FIFA allows federations to receive funding for football development projects.
Launched in the 1999 by FIFA president Joseph S. Blatter, the program has so far provided support for over 500 development projects worldwide, for a total of 200 million dollars.
With this contribution, FIFA has contributed and continues to build academies, sports centers e synthetic and grass fields.
Over the years, the project has evolved and continues to renew and build the infrastructure, allowing the federations to finance a wide range of projects: youth sports centers, IT organization and promotion of women's football. For example, through the "Goal program", a three-year funding can be used to build youth football starter centers.

For the four-year 2011-2014, the Executive Committee had established a $ 500.000 funding for each project.

The list of federations with their projects:


193 countries have benefitted from 1 project
166 countries have benefitted from 2 projects
113 countries have benefitted from 3 projects
44 countries have benefitted from 4 projects
5 countries have benefitted from 5 projects
1 country has benefitted from 6 projects

Breakdown of projects by confederation:

Asia: 124
Africa: 143
North, Central America and the Caribbean: 79
South America: 29
Oceania: 36
Europe: 93

Status of ongoing projects:

Open projects: 215
Completed projects yet to be officially opened: 110
Projects in the process of completion: 72
Projects still in preparatory phase: 104 + 19
Delayed projects: 3

We thank FIFA but in Italy, obviously, we do not need support ...

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