Friday, September 20 2019
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Ready for the European Under 19

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After the first phase of preparation for Formia, the National Women Under 19 approaches the Final Round of the European Championship of the category. Dissolved the last doubts, the federal technician Enrico Sbardella has formalized the list of 19 Azzurrine that from Monday 31 July will take part in the second phase of the rally in Rome, and then start Friday 4 August for Northern Ireland.

Italy will make its debut in Europe on Tuesday 8 August in Lurgan with England, Friday 11 will face the reigning champions of France in Belfast and Monday 14 will close the group against the Netherlands at Portadown. The kickoff of the three races is set for 15 local time, the 16 in Italy. The first two classified in each group will enter the semifinal and the first four classified at the European Championship will also qualify for the World Championship scheduled next year in France.

In the picture: Azzurrine in training at the Olympic Training Center in Formia

The list of the calls for the European Final Phase
Goalkeepers: Alessia Capelletti (Mozzanica), Nicole Lauria (Bologna), Alessia Piazza (Lugano);
Defenders: Martina Lenzini, Sara Mella, Beatrice Merlo (Inter Milan), Vanessa Panzeri (Como), Erika Santoro, Alice Tortelli (Fiorentina);
Midfielders: Arianna Caruso, Federica Cavicchia (Zurich), Giada Greggi, Marta Mascarello, Alice Regazzoli (Inter Milan);
Attackers: Sofia Cantore (Fiammamonza), Sofia Del Stabile (Tavagnacco), Benedetta Glionna (Fiammamonza), Gloria Marinelli (Perugia), Annamaria Serturini (Pink Sport Time).

Staff - Head of Delegation: Fiona May; Technician: Enrico Maria Sbardella; Technical Assistant: Elena Proserpio Marchetti; Secretary: Sabrina Filacchione; Preparatory coordinator
athletes: Stefano D'Ottavio;
Athletic trainer: Simone Mangieri;
Goalkeeping coach: Davide Quironi;
Match Analyst: Antonio Gagliardi and Marco Mannucci;
Doctor: Pierpaolo Rota;
Physiotherapist: Emanuele Provini.

The European Championships
Pool A: Northern Ireland, Germany, Scotland, Spain
Group B: Italy, Holland, France, England

The races of the Azzurrine
8 August: Italy-England (Lurgan - local 15 hours, the Italian 16)
11 August: Italy-France (Belfast - local 15 hours, the Italian 16)
14 August: Italy-Holland (Portadown - local 15 hours, the Italian 16)
17 August: semifinals
20 August: final

UNDER 19 FEMALE PROGRAM from 31 July to 14 August
Monday July 31
12: 30 Meeting
17: 30 Training

Tuesday August 01
10: 00 Official Photo
11: 00 Training (open to accredited press *)
Following the coach Enrico Sbardella will be available for a meeting with the press
17: 30 Training
* credits to be requested after sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by July 31 2017.
Wednesday August 02
10: 00 Gym - Physiotherapy
17: 30 Training

Thursday August 03
10: 00 Training
17: 30 Training

Friday August 04
11: 15 Flight Rome - Dublin
13: 35 Arrival in Dublin
18: 00 Training (indoor field)

Saturday August 05
15: 00 Training
Sunday August 06
15: 00 Training

Monday August 07
12: 00 Press Conference (Coach + Captain)
15: 00 Training

Tuesday August 08
15: 00 Race Italy - England
Mourneview Park, Lurgan

Wednesday August 09
10: 30 Training

Thursday August 10
15: 00 Training

Friday August 11
15: 00 Race Italy - France
Windsor Park, Belfast

Saturday August 12
10: 30 Training

Sunday August 13
15: 00 Training

Monday August 14
15: 00 Race Holland - Italy
Shamrock Park, Portadown

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