Friday, February 28 2020
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kickers ahead of petition
Those who achieve the greatest success in the things they do follow a clear path, look ahead of them and walk with tenacity until they reach their destination. One of the first steps is to know the RESULT you want to achieve, that is to say, define exactly what you want.
The result of the Petition is to get the 1% of TV rights reserved EXCLUSIVELY to Male Football, translated into 10 millions of euros, from "hijack" to the Italian Women's football, rear end of sports investment, which has also recently admitted the President of the Coni Malagò!

The second step, in order to achieve the desired result, it consists in AGING, otherwise the desires will always remain simple dreams. The Editor of Calciodonne has passed to the ACTION addressing his REQUEST to the highest offices of the State: The President of the Republic Mattarella, the President of the Council Renzi, the President of Coni Malagò and the Minister for Constitutional reforms and relations with the Parliament Maria Elena Boschi with responsibility for Equal Opportunities.

A strategy never traveled before in favor of the Women's Football Movement, an important action towards WHO has the possibility of CANCELING an INACCURACY and concretely putting into act a law of the STATE, like that of the OPPORTUNITIES until now only partially applied in the social context in general.

However, the actions do not always produce immediately the results we want to achieve and therefore the third step is to follow it DEVELOPMENT of this action, involving people, companies, bodies and groups, which are directly involved INTERESTED to the success of the initiative, who will essentially draw from it ADVANTAGES and as regards football in pink: the clubs and the players.

Thanks to CHANGE.ORG, who has followed us in divulging our PETITION, we are reaching them 13.000 signatures most of which come from people of different social classes and different ideologies, which they have however BELIEVED in our fight SOCIAL e SPORTY which also has the purpose of REVOLUTIONIZE a Federal Central Organization, which has always put the problems present in Italian women's football in general (culture, mentality, prejudices) and reflected in the Societies, with negative consequences that fall on the players, often forced to live with discomfort , anger and frustration their GREAT PASSION for this sport.

If the petition is successful there will be financial resources to give life to one Female Soccer League under FIGC..., because we consider it sacrosanct that even this football movement has its own RIGHT placement in the federal organization chart! Lots of ALLOYS in the masculine, in all the existing categories and the "simple" Department for the female (football subscale was defined by many when it was established after the "cancellation" of the DIVISION), Department that has done what has been allowed to do ..., how many criticisms he received giving reason to those who had not accepted seeing a downgrading of the movement in pink and also the submission of Presidents (those who pay ...) to the strong powers of the Federation.

So it was! In this regard, the base is also being set up to finally create an ASSOPRESIDENTI that gives strength to them and their demands (other than simple consultations ...!)

Of course it is not an easy journey, there are many "pitfalls" disseminated to undermine this initiative; I imagine, for example, that all this "movement towards change" also gives some annoyance in the Federation, dealing with the thousand problems of male football always PRESSANTI in the minds of the federal top ...!

In words, for some Federal Managers, women's football will be increasingly valued in the future (years and years of unfulfilled promises ...); some regulations have been put in place to "force" the male companies to include their own GIRLS, but the results are SCARSI and without the WILL "Dell 'other half of football"... in this case the MASCHILE, the RICH of resources ... nothing good can be achieved. I must say instead that a good job has been done towards the Nationals, a necessary and useful reorganization that has allowed the implementation of the necessary synergies between the various blue teams and in the relationships that have become closer with the Companies.

Skepticism towards the PETITION there was also the AIC that, although sharing (I hope so well ...) the positive SPIRIT of the initiative, he considers it IMPOSSIBLE to be implemented and therefore did not give it the necessary support and that instead it would have been USEFUL "to the cause" of the registered ones, to their concrete needs that every season must face and that often are the object of discussion, criticism and complaints also among themselves. The Syndicate last year, to obtain results in favor of the players, has logically addressed directly to the Federation, which has responded once again negatively. That's why we at Calciodonne have undertaken one STRATEGY different, we tried in the first instance to "jump the obstacle", the RUBBER WALL, as is often defined, and we turned to VERTICES Superiors of the State and of Sport!
They will listen to us, will they not listen to us? We do not know this, but at least we are "CLIMATE IN THE FIELD"To play the GAME; who was hidden in the LOCKER ROOM, who has not participated (even unfortunately some companies) judging the opponent TOO STRONG, in case of VITTORIA…, it will not be WORTHY to participate in the joy of those who put us: HEAD HEART AND LEGS to change a SYSTEM who has been coming for years CRITICATED by ALL (even by those who have not signed the petition ...), but in fact then "behind the scenes", before the POWER they lower their head and always say YES LORD ... and MASTER!

I end with this thought: "LIFE has this strange: that if you do not want to accept anything but the BEST, very often you can get it ..."-W. MAUGHAN-

I hope that the BEST can also get for Italian Women's Football!

Mario Merati

Mario Merati
Author: Mario MeratiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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