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Generally those who leave the women's football, after a short or long experience, not only tend not to return, but often prefer to remove what has been, drowning in resentment or regret.
Unfortunately this world you do not want to be well enough yet and you can not pass on the little you conquer. Every day always seems to be in a middle ground, every year is as long as an eternal promise.
For this reason, perhaps, much is lost between one generation and the next, between small progress and significant advancements, between sacrosanct battles and rear-guard attitudes.

I've always been a journalist. And as a journalist I approached the environment trying to understand it first and then change it. When I decided to get in there - it was the 2000 - I never felt in the middle of service. I did the coach in Serie C and in Serie A (I miss the B, but sooner or later it will happen), I made the president of the Division (until there was) and the head of the National team. In women's football I invested many of my savings and I clashed with so many people. Some I convinced and supported me, others declared me war and fought it until the end. I experienced many bitternesses, but two facts comforted me.

The first. Five years after my goodbye, two company presidents offered me the guidance of their club. They made me realize that I had been the right man in the wrong place.
The second one. Thanks to thirty years of work in newspapers, radio and television, obviously well spent, I had the opportunity to go back to doing what I can do better: write and speak to say my thoughts.

Neither I, like others, thought more about going back to women's football. Only occasionally caught me (and I catch) the insane desire to train (I am a journalist, but also a coach: it is my boast) and I let myself go to the crazy and happy years of Turin, when perhaps I would have done better deploy the defense to three (I had suitable players) rather than four (on the form I was uncompromising). The attention and information on the activity of the last few years has never been lacking, but it was the spark that no longer came out.

It was successful Walter Pettinati, founder, soul, heart, brain and blood of, who offered me the direction of this site. The first, historically speaking, of the sector. At the beginning I hesitated, I said that if I wanted to propose myself as a coach somewhere I would have been there, but as a manager I had already given. It was a lie. To be a manager, I care about how to be a coach. The two jobs are similar, in both cases you have a team to drive and to teach something that you do not already know. So, after doing a bit of melina and, above all, after winning a bit of mental laziness, I accepted.

enthusiasm, that, it is coming to me now that it is time to leave and we would like to offer you a wider and more stimulating information offer. It's about waiting a week, but we'll start by confirming what was already there and adding what we think will please you.
In a slogan: more visibility and attention to players and coaches. With a lot of voting and explanatory report cards. A novelty that will discuss.
From this will be born another. For example, the integration between our magazine and a web radio capable of developing a sort of "All the soccer minute by minute", Then a Fantasy only for women and the return in style of the evening of the Golden Girl, the awarding of the best in the championship.

It is not enough: we want to develop a healthy competition even among those that will write for us, proposing the best one month internship in a journalistic editorial of national level.

A prize is also an opportunity.
As for Walter and me we will be vigilant, as always, on everything that concerns you. We have no interests, just a two-headed passion, in all very similar to yours: for football and for the truth.

Giancarlo Padovan

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