Wednesday, 15 April, 2015
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The editorial by Giancarlo Padovan

Giancarlo Padovan: we are back to tell you all the truth

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Generally those who leave the women's football, after a short or long experience, not only tend not to return, but often prefer to remove what has been, drowning in resentment or regret.
Unfortunately this world you do not want to be well enough yet and you can not pass on the little you conquer. Every day always seems to be in a middle ground, every year is as long as an eternal promise.
For this reason, perhaps, much is lost between one generation and the next, between small progress and significant advancements, between sacrosanct battles and rear-guard attitudes.

I've always been a journalist. And as a journalist I approached the environment trying to understand it first and then change it. When I decided to get in there - it was the 2000 - I never felt in the middle of service. I did the coach in Serie C and in Serie A (I miss the B, but sooner or later it will happen), I made the president of the Division (until there was) and the head of the National team. In women's football I invested many of my savings and I clashed with so many people. Some I convinced and supported me, others declared me war and fought it until the end. I experienced many bitternesses, but two facts comforted me.

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