Thursday, January 12th
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Condolences to ...

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mourning dastolfo
Yesterday morning, the father of Federica D'Astolfo, former player and now coach of Sassuolo Calcio Femminile, is missing.
After hearing the news, the editorial staff of makes its deepest condolences to Federica and is gripped by the pain of her entire family.
The funeral will take place today at 15: 30 in the country of residence of the family located in Abruzzo.

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rimini go pagan condolences joins the pain of the Femminile Rimini and expresses its condolences for the death of Stefano Pagani, historical singer of the famous hymn "Rimini Vai". The song, in addition to combining for more than forty years the fans of Rimini male becoming a true white and red symbol, from this season has also become a faithful companion of the Feminine Rimini, which before taking the field at "Romeo Neri" never forgets to listen to it and spread it throughout the stadium.

Luca Filippi
Rimini Women's Communication Officer

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tavagnacco to Gaby

Who knows how many times GABY had listened to the fairy tale of the princess who on her white horse went to meet her prince charming. Unfortunately, not all the stories end with the happy ending and a cruel fate has it that just riding his horse, jumping a small obstacle, Gaby falling came, for an incredible fatality, hit by a hoof: a blow to the chest has caused very serious consequences and despite an immediate surgical intervention, complications have intervened that led to his death.

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michelina piazzolla

Last night Michelina Piazzolla passed away, known by all as Lilly, one of the pioneers of women's football in Puglia. He had 70 years. He fought to the last against an inexorable cancer and, recently, he had lost her husband, the journalist Franco Di Pinto, already our responsible director.

Barlettana of origin and resident in Trani, graduated in Physical Education at the Isef of Rome (her was the first thesis on women's football, little known in the early seventies), the Piazzolla began its career 22enne , in the 1968, and has played in Serie A in Lazio 2000 (the women's soccer team with seniority among those in activity) and nell'Apulia Bari.

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sarsilli luigi
That just passed will be remembered as the saddest night of the women's football Mozzanica. The president Luigi Sarsilli, or simply the "Pres" as his girls affectionately called him, left us, cut short by a cruel illness that he tried to fight with all his strength, as he was used to doing always in every moment of his life and in every field. Luigi knew from nothing to take a team of a small town in Bergamo and take it to compete with the great Italian football. Passionate, energetic, gritty, but never arrogant and with a deep sense of respect for the opponent.

A president loved and esteemed by all, a man of few words with a great and infinite heart. Give all the people who have had the privilege of knowing it an unbridgeable emptiness.

The editorial staff of clings to the pain of the family with deep sadness and emotion.

The dear corpse from this morning is at the house of Mozzanica in Vicolo Nuovo 11. Thursday at 16.30 the funeral will take place, also in Mozzanica, in the church of S. Stefano.


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president cataniafemminile
The terrible news of the death of the president of Catania women's football Giovanni Di Guardo, who we immediately gave on facebook, has left women's football in dismay. The young number one of the ethnic girls was at the helm of the company for a few months, passionate, in love and determined to support the project of female Catania with all its strength and professionalism.

The editorial staff of clings to the pain of family members, friends and the red-blue team and expresses his condolences.
We learned the news from Napoli Women's football and I immediately asked for clarification from Mr. Scruto, who unfortunately confirmed the tragic news.
A hug felt in all of Catania women's football and the president's family.

Rating: 5 / 5

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Italy 1982 gorgonzola
This morning, Ornella Montesi passed away at the age of only 59. It gives the sad announcement the national teammate and adversary Betty Vignotto: "he fought to the end against a bad disease, he fought with the same determination and determination as when he came on the pitch, a great fighter in the field but girl, companion and opponent loyal: the main pillar of the great Lazio and of the National team!
A great warrior has gone to rest in the clouds ... "

The Italian National team training in Gorgonzola (about 1982).
Standing from left: Nazzarena Grilli, Ida Golin, Elisabetta Saldi, Maria Mariotti, Marisa Perin, Elisabetta Vignotto and Stefania Bandini.
Crochet from the left: Ornella Montesi, Elisabetta Secci, Caterina Fuoco, Riboldi Maria, Maura Furlotti and Daniela Sogliani.

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marrazza antonella200315He had made 55 three years ago and asked to be taken back to Trani to end his life. Antonella Marrazza, born in Brindisi and tranese by adoption, passed away in the morning. It was a column of that Trani female football that in the 80 years won 3 badges and an Italian Cup. She had arrived at Trani in Serie B in the 1981 and stayed with that team until 1988 collecting 175 in the league with 2 goal. Full-backed and great soul of the dressing room Antonella Marrazza always kept her characteristic trait of simplicity.

After the Trani he played in Giugliano and with Milan. He put his shoes on the nail and decided to stay in Trani where he died because of an incurable disease. The friends of that stellar Trani also wanted to close on this occasion in the memory of Antonella.

The company Apulia Trani who will play next Sunday at the Comunale the match against Lazio has asked the FIGC to play with mourning and observe a minute of recollection.
The Marrazza had been among the testimonials of the new women's team participating in the Gala 'of football in which she was rewarded.

The editorial staff of joins the pain of family members and of all the people who have known and appreciated Antonella Marrazza.

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mourningThe SS Lazio Calcio Femminile, the president Elisabetta Cortani, the management, the staff and the athletes, learned the terrible news of the untimely death of the highly esteemed Anna Tina Mirra, joins and joins the grief to the family.
For years he had held the position of head of the press office of the SS Lazio, being appreciated for his immense human and professional skills. Anna Tina, who had a degree in Law and a Masters in Communication, did not fail to face the disease with the dignity and strength that have always distinguished it.
A new star, gone too soon, shines in the sky biancoceleste, the colors alongside which Anna Tina has worked for years with passion and diligence.
We greet you with the promise that it will remain in the hearts of those who, like our President, got to know the exceptional person that was. Nobody will forget you here.

Press office
SS Lazio Women's Football

The editorial staff of clings to the pain of Anna Tina's family and offers the most heartfelt condolences for the untimely death of an excellent person, colleague and friend.

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